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ok guys so succesfully i have overclocked my cpu. E7200 @ 3.25GHz but i am worried because i have set the auto setting for the Vcore on my Asus P5Q-Pro and it was at 1.29v.

I just wanted to know if this voltage was too high and if i could get my E7200 up to 3.4GHz w/o much of a voltage change.

Also, my ram is Corsair 4GB XMS-2 DRR2-800 (PC2-6400) and the ratio is @ 5:6 and both of my sticks are running at 400MHz @ stock voltage (auto) :D . I just wanted to know what to do if i wanted to increase my CPU to 3.4GHz because i am a bit confused on what to do to the ram if the CPU speed is increased because of the divider or ratio stuff.... :??:
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  1. You likely will be able to do 3.4Ghz @1.3V. My e7200 is prime95 stable at this, but not @ 3.45Ghz, 1.3V. The chip maxes at 3.65ghz, 1.4V. Each chip will be different, though. Try setting the cpu mutiplier to 8.5, ram to 400mhz, and ratio to 1:1.
  2. the multiplier can be set to a lower number but then the comp wnt boot!
  3. You might be able to get away with it. In terms of voltage, it's definitely not too high because you can run the 45nms @ 1.4V or less 24/7 without heat or life issues. I can run my E7200 at 3.4Gghz and 1.304Vs prime95 stable and I currently run it at 3.6Ghz 1.345Volts.
  4. Raise your voltage and and play around with the multiplier,
  5. ok so if i wanted to run the E7200 @ 3.4GHz with the ram at 1:1 then I would have to set the multiplier at 8.5 and then fsb at 400 and then keep the vcore @ 1.306V???? is that ok? and would i have to deal with anything with the stupid ram settings?
  6. worry about getting your core clock stable first before trying to set your ram speed and/timing. set your ram to auto put your v core to 1.36 northbridge on auto and fsb@400 P5Q-Pro i think supports that fsb native.
    my settings are the same e7200@3.8ghz on water for heavy gaming hope you have a good cooler.
  7. P5Q-Pro p45 or p43 chipset i have heard p43 are hard to overclock i have p5q its p45
  8. yah i have the P5Q-Pro (P45 chipset) and i have the xigmatek 120mm rifle cooler so i was wondering if i kep the ram at auto and put the vcore on the e7200 @ 1.36V and lowered my multiplier to 8.5 and then set the fsb @ 400 wouldn't that equal me out to 3.4ghz exact and wouldn't that be low heat issues?
    would my cooler support it???? and @ 3.4ghz would it exhert that much heat????
  9. I have a Gigabyte P35-DS3L. You guys think it could handle the 3.8Ghz speed, the FSB would have to be 400, but the mobo is rated at 1333, although I have seen it boot with a 1600FSB. I have a decent cooler as well.
  10. is the multiplier of the E7200 locked at 9.5???????
  11. its upward locked but you can lower it.
  12. ive tried to lower it to like 8.5 and 8 but i think at the lower multiplier settings that the speedstep turns on and i am not able to boot at all. also i have tried to up the voltage for the Vcore to 1.3900 and tried to put the fsb to 400 whcih in turn would make the ram ratio 1:1, but that also will not allow the system to boot up at all.

    is there a prob with what i am doing?? should i be doing some extra things to put things in stable conditions?? or did i get the bad chip out of all of them????????
  13. I'd prefer setting fsb to 367 and multiplier to its highest. Set voltage to auto for first time. Set ram divider to such value that the ram frequency doesn't exceed it's limit. Then start a stress test with prime95 for 6 hours. If its stable, try lowering the voltage from the bios. If you can successfully boot, again do the stress test. If it remains stable, keep lowering the voltage until it gets unstable[keep doing stability test with prime95]. Then revert to its previous stable state. I think you are ok with your current voltage level. And read the stickied intel overclocking guide before you do anything. And again, keep that in mind that you should not set the ram divider such that the ram frequency never exceeds its original value. Thats all mate. Hope that helps.
  14. my ram is ddr2 800 and i set the frequency at like ddr2 801 because thats the option it gives me right after auto. if i set the voltage at auto won't that keep on increasing the voltage w/e im playing a game or using the comp @ like 50% cpu usuage????

    i heard that keeping the vcore at auto will mess up the motherboard and cpu so i kept it @ 1.31 max for my E7200 @ 3.25ghz

    also i cant set my ram divider on my motherboard (Asus P5Q-Pro) its auto and right now its @ 5:6.

    also w/e im playing Far Cry 2 or Unreal Tournament 3 my cpu usuage percentage increases to like 75% or something high is that normal?????
  15. ok so i set my fsb to 360 right now and my E7200 @ 3.42ghz and the ram ratio is at 4:5 because everything is @ auto and my vcore is at auto @ 1.29v and ive been running Prime95 for 10 mins now and no errors with the ram or anything which is good!!!! ill let it run all night 2nite and tell ya'll if the system was stable!!
  16. I have my e7200 @ 3.65 @ 1.3825 vcore, on an asus p5ql pro with an asus triton 70 cpu cooler w/ their compound. . 10 hours in orthos and maxed out a 62 celsius
    edit: Forgot to mention, the bios fsb is @ 385. I left the multi alone. I have my ram running a little faster than the fsb, cpuz says it's 3:4. I did leave the fsb strap on auto. As well as the voltages for everything but the cpu. Everything's lookin good so far. However, I'm only a week into it.
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