Overclocking Gateway GT5630E

good day to all! I have a:

gateway gt5630e
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
8 gb ram

And i am trying to get optimal performance out of it. The bios does not display any changeable settings for the proc, but for ram it will allow timing changes. Here is what i have so far:

Is there anything i can do to improve performance.

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  1. No. RAM timings have only very little effect on performance. Dude, you got a Gateway OEM what did you expect? Also do you have a 64 bit OS?
  2. yes vista 64 bit. i asked this because i was told i need a 1:1 ration to make it better.
  3. Not much you can do with a Gateway. Prebuilds are loaded with only a very standardized BIOS, so you purposely cannot cannot play around with them.
    If you want more speed, they want you to buy another computer, not tinker/overclock/upgrade what you have.
  4. ^OP only needs a new motherboard,PSU and a new OS disk, may be a new case too. He can reuse HDD, CPU, RAM, DVD RW,etc.
  5. recommendations?
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