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After a power outtage, my 1TB HD that held music, pictures and other documents, went fubar.

I can't access via Windows or regular DOS command prompt.

Believe me when I say I have tried (i think) everything.

MFT is bad, and MFT mirror is bad also.

As a last resort, I am thinking of formatting and using data recovery software to get files back.

Here's the interesting part...

MFT holds meta data about the files in the HD, correct?
When i use NTFS4DOS, I can actually 'dir' into the hard drive, and navigate (very slowly, but still manages). I can see File names, date created, and size.

When it try to copy a file from bad HD to good HD, it will start and freeze after a few secs. So when i copied this image, it copied about 1/4 of it. (i could even boot into the good HD and open the image file. just a little bit of the top of the image showed)

I have tried data recovery software. 80% of those can't even start due to the bad disk. the 20% that can, says time remaining: 23423.232hrs.(or something to that ridiculous amount).

So, what should I do? any programs I should look into specifically?

Some of the programs I've tried:
Recover My Files
EastRecovery Professional
Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery
PC Inspector file recovery
GetDataBack NTFS
Active File Recovery
Restorer Ultimate

Please, any suggestions will be appreciated. Ask friends too if you know someone who works in this field. Very desperate
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  1. Easeus Data Recovery worked for me when I had a similar problem(and it was the only one that worked at all). There is a reason you pay for it whereas those free programs are mostly crap.
  2. That one didn't work. ATM i can't even format the disk, won't let me
  3. Why would you want to format? Don't write to the drive, just recover all you can from it.

    The windows utility i used (active@ partition recovery; could scan for raw disk partitions and recover NTFS filesystems even with a bad MBR; it would scan for NTFS filesystem beacons, and skip using the partition table at all.
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