ip35 pro, unable to reformat, boot disk failure

i have a abit ip35 pro motherboard and i am trying to install windows xp sp3, on raid 0, so i changed the hard drives to raid in "integrated peripherals" and made a raid driver floppy disk, and pressed f2 before installing windows and loaded the raid drivers, then installed windows.
but after windows finished installing and rebooted it went to a blue screen on the windows start up page.
so i have tryed to reinstall windows, but every time i try and boot from a windows cd it says "boot disk failure......".

so does anyone have any ideas how i can reinstall windows?
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  1. installed windows on one hardrive, and updated bios, and problem solved
  2. Then he doesnt get to set his or her raid zero array. Make sure your using a up to date driver for the raid install, also i think it was f6 to install third party raid drivers.
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