Vista 64bit and it doesn't see my LG GH22NP20

i had this problem before but don't know how i fixed it it took me at least a day as I now remember, anyway.
I re-installed Vista 64bit and it doesn't see my LG GH22NP20 cd/dvd drive.Vista attempts to install a windows driver but it doesn't work.
I can only use the drive for booting from.
I can't install office etc. from a cd.
In my computer the drive is not there.
LG only offers a firmware file as software for it.
I need a .inf file, a driver type file to install a driver for it. Does this exist? HELP!!
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  1. I would try re-installing the latest Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility, which should provide the OS with the info it needs for the CD/DVD drive.
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