Q6600 not overclocking?

I am trying to overclock my Q6600 to 1333FSB x8 and it keeps crashing before XP loads up i know its not a cooling issue as its running around 22-28 degrees but still keeps crashing does anyone know why?. My system specs are 4 GB RAM 2x8800 GTS 512MB, 750 watt PSU and foxconn 680i mobo.
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  1. Did you try upping the northbridge voltage yet? Also, check if your RAM is still running at the speed it should be running. If you overclocked to 1333FSB it could be that your memory is running way higher than it should be running, with 333FSB and you kept a ram ratio of 2:3 your ram would be running at DDR2-1000.
  2. Full specs please.

    Best guess is that your memory is overclocking too far as the same memory at 800 for 2.4 would run at 1000 for 3.0 if you do not make sure you change the memory settings right.
  3. select 1:1 FSB:ram ratio and definitely up the vcore as 6xx chipset suffer from MASSIVE VDROP AND VDROOP!
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