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Hello All, hoping you can help with the Slowness of my HP Desktop Computer which carries the Windows Vista Software the same year that it came out. The Problem with my computer is how slow it runs, it can actually take anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes just to go from one page to another, I have tried everything I know (clearing out history and caches, deleting programs that I am not using, don't really have any pictures on my computer) but I do have music. It is run using wireless mode and I use the Belkin Adaptor (top of the line) and even with this really slow. Can you help, maybe I am doing something wrong.

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  1. Aside from needing to list system specs to see if you need any upgrades, a clean setup of Windows should fix this right up. Just make sure you back up your files and settings. Or do what I do when I re-install Windows, get a new hard-drive for the setup, and keep the other one with your files as a backup and to restore onto the new system.
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