How can I build a Web server?

There are many projects to do this with Linux, but I want to do it with Windows
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  1. Only Windows Server OS'es can do it, meaning you'll need to pay for server license. Expensive if you ask me
  2. To append my previous post, I meant to say you need Windows Server OS if you plan to run Windows native Web Sever software. Know that there are Windows specific technologies such as .aspx web sites, that require Windows native web server.

    If you plan to use regular .html or .php or .jsp sites, then you can install Apache on Windows platform. In that case, you may not need Server OS. Check docs at
  3. You can do it no problem with Linux or Windows. Under Windows you can run Apache if you want and check out its totally possible to do ASP and .NET under Apache(if you even need it). If you're running XP Pro, you can go to Add/Remove Windows Components and add IIS. If it's XP Home, you can install IIS off of a Win2k disc. If you're running Vista, its pretty much the same thing, Business and Ultimate include it, Home does not.
  4. I did not know that you can run asp under apache. Thanks for the info.
  5. it's very simple just download wamp or xampp and install and you will have a web server in no time, then stop and disable all the services on windows that you don't need to a web server , (automatics updates, print spooler, wireless config, dhcp client, etc...) then change in system to best performance , you need a nice desktop interface to running a web server. This softwares can be install on any vesion of windows

    but if you plan to run asp or aspx pages is possible you can read here better information on installing a module to apache that make posible run asp and .net extension on apache
  6. I would say use xampp, I was able to download this, install, and run in 30 mins

    Heres the link if you need it.
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