PS3 DNS Error: Can't Go Online

Basically, when my friend tries to go online with his PS3, connected to a WRT54G with WEP enabled, he encounters something that says "DNS error 80710102". Oh and btw, he already inputs the WEP key when prompted by the PS3. Any advice?
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  1. Try opening these ports, in your router it worked for me

    TCP 10070-10080
    UDP 10070-10070
    UDP 6000-6999
  2. Thanks! So my friend will need a PC to enter the router control panel right? Or will the interface load properly on the PS3 browser?
  3. i dont know that,i ve never tried that! i always use my pc for that.
    it might work with some routers, i dont know man.. just use the computer.
    im looking forward to try that on the ps3.
    good luck
  4. This really helped me with my dns error, hopefully it'll work for you
  5. I've dealt with this PS3 wireless error quite a bit and I just figured out a resolution. Go into your wi-fi router's settings, go to the DHCP/wi-fi settings, look for your primary and secondary DNS servers, enter the same IP address as your gateway IP. For example (this differs from different wi-fi router brands), if your gateway IP address is, then make your primary and secondary DNS servers

    Also, I changed the channel on my 2.4 GHz frequency from auto to 5, auto is the default.

    You can assign an IP address to your PS3 but make sure it's within the range of your DHCP pool, for example if the range is -, then choose, or whatever other number you want as long as it's within this range.

    On your PS3 this has to be all done manually on wireless IP, subnet, gateway and DNS settings, leave all other settings on default.

    On a side note, I hope Sony makes it easier for people to connect their wireless since I never have this problem on my iPhone, TV, DirecTV wi-fi AP, laptop or tablet, and they're all connected on the same wi-fi router.

    Also, why Sony doesn't include WPS in addition to the AOSS standard for connecting wireless devices? WPS is far more prevalent than AOSS, which is usually only used by Buffao wi-fi routers. WPS is more universal while AOSS is not. Enabling WPS would bypass all of these problems.
  6. Doubtless all good advice, Conner Macleod and it will still be visible after I close this old thread to keep the Forum tidy. It might also be helpful to post something similar into the gaming sections of Tom's where PS3 users might congregate.
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