2nd Sata Drive quick format question

I just installed a second identical 1tb samsung sata hard drive in my new i7 vista 64 system.

I put this in after adding alot of other devices first, including two dvd burners, a media card reader, blackberry storm, etc. Each time I added a device, another drive letter was used.

Finally I added the second 1tb hard drive. When I went to format it in vista computer management, after initializing it, it was taking too long, so I right clicked and selected cancel format at about 5%. Than I right clicked it and selected format a second time, and checked quick format.

This took less than a minute and my new hard drive was shown as new volume L and seems fine.

1) Is there any problem canceling a normal format and then doing a quick format that I could run into?

2) My primary drive is C:, the new drive is L: Any problem with having a hard drive appear so late in the sequence? For example, when I add or remove additional devices?

Below is a list of how my drive letters now appear. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

Local disk C: where vista 64 is installed
Removable disk E:
Blackberry2 G:
Blackberry1 H:
Removable Disk I:
Removable Disk J:
New Volume L: my newly added 2nd 1tb samsung hard drive
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  1. You should try doing a full format. It takes longer because the process also checks the hard disk for any physical errors, marking them as unusable to prevent the potential loss of data.

    Why not do something else while waiting for the format to complete? You can read a book or something :)
  2. No harm in interrupting a format operation.
    You can change the drive letters as you please in Disk managment.
  3. Don't agree with the no harm in interrupting, but evon's right about changing drive letters in disk management OP.
  4. Well, it's true that there's no harm in interrupting. If you really want to thoroughly check the volume (including the marking of bad sectors), run chkdsk /b on it from the command line, but that takes quite a while.
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