MSI P35 platinum combo board fails D-LED Memory/Detection Test

I have scene similar posts, but they found the solutions to be incompatible memory speed (not 800Mhz for DDR2) or the improper placement of memory on the board.
I have a P35 Platinum Combo MSI motherboard with an Intel Q6600 CPU, and 2X2GB Corsair XMS2 DHX PC6400 1.84V DDR2 5-5-5-18 latency memory Model (TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX).
I have placed the memory in the configuration listed with the manual (DDR2_1 and DDR2_3 both with and without the Turbo cards) and have reseated the items several times.

I also use a 8800GTS video card and two SATA 500MB hard drives and an Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro fan on the CPU.

In all instances the computer will initially boot, the motherboard would shut down and then reboot with the D-LED Memory/Detection Test showing a "Memory Module Damaged Or Installed Improperly" LED configuration and the motherboard will remain in standby mode. I can't even get into the startup screen/BIOS configuration as the board remains in standby mode thereafter. :ouch:

I should also note that I am using a port over power supply from my XP3600+ which is a Linkworld LPG2-630W 20+4 Pin 3Fan ATX Power Supply
Though I don't know if using such a power supply would have the effect I have seen so early in the boot up process.

According to the Corsair web page:
If you look at some of the motherboards tested the MSI P35 Platinum was tested with the TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX version successfully.

Has anyone encountered this problem before with the motherboard/memory matchup? Any suggestions? Thanks...

BTW the case is a Thermaltake Xaser III supertower with about 7 fans...
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  1. Try booting it with one module and immediately going to BIOS, then setting a higher voltage such as 1.95V, saving, reboot, shut down, and install the second module.

    Your modules should take 2.1V for several years of use without damage, so you can try more than 1.95V if needed.
  2. The system will not boot with one DDR2 module. It still gives the Memory Error and Standby LEDs. I read somewhere that the default setting for memory voltage should be 1.9V, but I am not sure if that is correct....

    Also, as an add on question..... on the MSI board there is an 8pin CPU power JWR2 molex connector. Does anyone know if all eight need to be utilized (or just 4 is fine)?
  3. Four pins is fine for CPU power, unless you have a Pentium D or some other power waster
  4. hi,

    did you get your board to boot up yes or no please let me kmow

    thank you .
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