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I have only 2 problems on my system

iam currently running a qx9650 @ 4Ghz on a 790i XFX mobo. @ 4Ghz my systems runs idle @32C Sweet tbh

my objective it to overclock my qx9650 to about 4.5/5ghz this will be unlinked to my memory as it intends to crash if i overclock those. (my system is watercooled)

i would like to try to get my memory overclocked though to @ least 1600 mhz (project X 2000mhz) those are the dimm's i use.

atm i got my qx9650 running fine @ 4Ghz @ 1.4 vcore and my memory runs @ 1333mhz both my motherboard and ramm capable of alot more so any hlp on getting these best outta these would be great. thanks
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  1. yea good look lol you cant hit 5ghz with a qx9650 with watercooling, 4.5ghz is possible with reasonable voltage, look at the rankings on hwbot anything over 4.5ghc with ure processor is with dice or phasechange or ln2. try useing a 10multi and then 450mhz on ure fsb with 1.5vcore, erm i suppose u could up the ram speed also useing a divider.
  2. well it isn't any more difficult than getting it to 4ghz. You increase the fsb little by little, you test every step of the way, you increase vtt/vdimm/etc when it isn't stable anymore... Depending on the vid of your cpu, you might need more voltage than you'd think is safe. I've seen q9650 go up to 1.5-1.6 so don't worry too much for your qx.
  3. i see were ur coming from tbh 4.5 i would gladly accept, as for memory a divider?

    i could put a comp togeather in matter of hours, but iam still learning the bios side of things.
  4. well for 4.5ghz you can use a 10multi and a 450fsb then a 1:1 mem dividor, that would make ure mem run at 900mhz, if u use a 2:1 mem dividor then ure mem would run at 1800mhz which will better utilize ure fast mem.
  5. any ider were i could get a 2:1 divider would be great.
  6. or explain to me how to do it ect.
  7. read the stickies they will be able to help you more than i can, if only u lived in leeds lol id come and do it 4 u.
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