8800 gts 320's SLI, Time to Upgrade?

I was just curious if now would be a good time to upgrade my 2x8800 gts 320mb EVGA cards. I have put on after market coolers on both of them, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106112, so I'm not sure how viable of an option eBay would be. Do you guys think it would be worth going from sli 8800 gts 320 to a 8800 gts 512 (G92)? Would I even be able to get a decent price off cards with an aftermarket cooler on them? I can't see any on ebay to compare my situation to. Also would my cpu bottleneck the performance even when overclocked to 3.0ghz?

MSI 650i Mobo http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130081
e6600 http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?item=N82E16819115003
1400x900 native 19" Samsung

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Big Red, check Craigs List in your area. You may be able to dump them there. EVGA is selling Bstock (used) 8800 GTS 320s for $149.00, I would market them as "Cooler Upgraded" 8800 GTS 320s and price them at $135.00 or as you see fit.

    I don't think a single 8800 GTS 512 would bottleneck your cpu at all.

    Craigs List Ohio: http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us/oh

    And to answer your question, I think the low vram in your 320 cards could be a reason to go for a GTS 512. But, I have two 640s and am holding out for the next Nvidia product line. I should have asked this at the beginning, but what is your reason for upgrading? Need to have newer and better tech or framerates? Never had a 320 or two, but I would imagine the vram holds you back a little bit at your resolution.
  2. Egghead's got them for $115 after rebate. Now or never pretty much if you want to get anything out of them.

  3. That's one thing I wish newegg would do is update their descriptions:

    "What would you like to know? EVGA's entry is fast, featuring a PCI Express x16 interface, 320 MB of RAM with a 320 bit interface, it features dual RAMDACs running at 400 MHz for faster refresh rates even at high resolution, supports HDTV, Direct X 10, OpenGL 2.0, the processing is massively multi-threaded so it can support thousands of independent processing threads, supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) so you can play HD DVD or Blu-Ray on your compatible DVD drive at full resolution.

    Featuring Nvidia technology at the bleeding edge, this is a high performance video card that is up to almost anything you put it to. Need a max resolution of 2560 x 1600? Then maybe this is the graphics card for you!"

    It should say: "Do you want to bleed from your wrists when cutting them with a razor blade while waiting for the next frame of Crysis to appear? Then maybe this is the graphics card for you!"
  4. Lord Gornak said:

    It should say: "Do you want to bleed from your wrists when cutting them with a razor blade while waiting for the next frame of Crysis to appear? Then maybe this is the graphics card for you!"

    psh...my 8800GTS 320 runs Crysis just fine at High-Medium Settings at 1600x1200...
  5. true.

    I'm sure many cards beat it handily, but my 320 ran the Crysis demo very well at 1680x1050.
    Most people who abuse the 320 never owned one.
  6. Touche Jumpman, touche. I was just commenting on the descriptions on the egg, and also a little on the "reviews". I do believe that with the right setup and good conditions, any system with an 8800 (G80, G92, whatever) or higher can do a decent job with Crysis at medium -> very high settings. <preparing for flaming>

    Just because you can't "POWN" Crysis by getting 80 FPS at Very High settings doesn't mean your card is crap. I plan on holding on to my SLIed GTS 640s for at least 6 months to two years. It all depends on what you do, play, encode, etc. That is why I asked what Big Red is doing that is making him/her think of upgrading.

    I recently switched out my first 8800 640 to a new motherboard, and when I took that massive beast out I felt like I was holding the "One Ring" in my hand. I know there are better cards out there but I love my card(s). I think that anyone who has purchased an 8800 will really be in the golden age of graphics cards for a little while. The recent increases are okay, but not enough for a jump to the 9600/9800 series.
  7. I just ordered one of them from newegg, the MSI one though for $5 more.

    I was going to upgrade a while ago, but my 7600GT died that week, so I got a new replacement 7600GT and it still works ok, so I postponed it.
  8. Thank you all for your replies. I will be posting on Craig's List for $135 for one card and $240 for both. I appreciate everyones help.
  9. stick with them for now ,with Q6600 oced @3.0Ghz they should give you a good performance boost , wait for the 9900gtx or gt (gt200- new arhitecture) in jun or july this year. the cpu is slowing down your sli,consider upgrade to Q6600 this is relatively cheep upgrade and save money for 9900gt or gtx
    it is a beter option because 9900's are going to be very cpu hungry nothing less then Quadcore is suicide with new 9900's(gt200 release in jun or july is confirmed and finaly the true next gen architecture from nvidia is coming out) folow this advice and you will not regret.
  10. I have a ASUS 8800GTS 320M and it is work fine for 3D games. If you would like to spend some money and have a plan to update your graphic card at SLI wait a moment for the detail benchmarking info of coming 9800 / 9900 series cards.
  11. No.
  12. You should wait like 2-4 months, when 4800s from AMD/ATI and the 9900s from nVIdia starts to flood the market, then everything's gonna change...
    Price too!
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