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I'm really confused. I don't know what to do. My dad gave me $1300 to buy a bike but i decided to buy a gaming pc for that money. I have selected all the parts i want but now my friends are calling me a stupid for my decision. What should i do? Buy the bike or buy gaming pc? I don't own any vehicle now and i am already 19. With gaming pc i can play all cool games but will have to take bus to college which is not cool. If i buy bike then i can go anywhere i want any anytime but the deaths caused by bike accidents are rising and its too risky. help me pls. What should i buy?
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  1. generally speaking, spending the money on a gaming pc over a method of transportation is not a wise idea. gaming is not what you should be focusing on for college, its only a time killer for off hours.

    with that said, if you are afraid of motorcycles you will only get yourself into trouble. unless you know what you are doing or are willing to spend alot of time practicing it may not be a good idea. a crotch rocket is alot of bike for a novice, keep this in mind as well.

    instead you may wish to get a used car, used moped, or laptop computer for school.

    a car is much more practical since you can haul people, your stuff and the risk of it getting stolen is less. a moped is more fuel efficient and is not as powerfull so is quite a bit safer for a novice driver. a laptop is better for schoolwork which is more important than gaming. you can however play some games on a better laptop (around $600-700 new)

    your friend is calling you stupid because they think motorcycles are cool most likely. however, just because something is cool doesnt mean its right for you.

    remember: be practical. its college and that takes precidence over entertainment and cool toys. i've been there and done that... just make sure you give everything some thought.
  2. Agreed with ssddx. Use the money for something practical, especially while in college. Perhaps go with a moped or something and use the remainder of the funds for an affordable laptop for research, writing papers, etc...

    I spent 6 years in college/grad school in various positions. Needless to say, it still shocks me to this day how many kids bombed out of college due to gaming. I'm not saying don't game, but it's something that you really need to be aware of. Boring, bad weather, etc... Friday night? Heck, game away. But when it comes to getting your work done, get the work done, plain and simple. Plus, half the experience of college is going out, making friends, etc...
  3. granted i only went to a tech school (2 years) and worked 30+ hours a week while i went to school full time so i had more cash available and less time but i still had time to play games. car, bills and other important expenses are paramount though.

    one of the reasons kids bomb out of college is that they treat it like high school because they arent paying for it. its time to move on with life and grow up - but this doesnt mean you still cant have fun. practicality is everything.
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