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Well I am getting a P182 for my new system, and after reading at SPCR have chosen to replace the tri-cool fans. I was also thinking of putting 1 at the front of the case to bring fresh air in.

After searching, I have come down to choosing the Nexus, Noctua NF-P12-1300 or Yate Loon D12SL-12. I will NOT be cutting out the mesh at the back of the case, and have read about the Noctua making noise due to the mesh?

Anyways, what's your say?

Also, I will be using a Zalman Fan Mate 2 for my Ninja (stock) Scythe fan. Will it be ok, since Zalman says 'Do not use FAN MATE 1 with a fan having a start up voltage of more than 5V. '

Much appreciated!

EDIT: Update with picture of fan location on post below.
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  1. Alright I have decided to choose the Slim Stream 800 RPM for ultimate silence and air flow capability. Here is a picture of what I would like to do:

    I am still unsure about the top fan, and whether it should be an exhaust, intake, or be removed completely...ideas? All fans would be controlled via a Zalman MFC1, and am still deciding which ones to put on switch and dial...ideas?

    What do you think?

  2. Your #5 fan will likely have to go right at the front of the case,doubt it will fit with a vid card that long.I pulled that whole top drive cage right out of mine.
  3. The Antec fans on low are very quiet. I think I would try them first before spending money on a solution to a problem that May not be there. I did not read into the SPCR P182 review a recommendation to change out the fans, but I might have missed something there. It seems natural to me that the top fan be an exhaust fan, almost certainly on low.

    Is your 8800GTS the 512-G92 or the 640? Both have coolers that send the heated vga air directly out the back of the case instead of recirculating it. This reduces the cooling required for both the vga card and the cpu. Do reconsider a oem vga cooler that does not have direct exhaust. The oem cooler reviews I have seen do their testing on a test bed outside of the case where airflow is perfect. They do prove that a number of coolers do a better job of extracting heat from a vga chip in the open air. The problem is, that most of us use a case, and I think that getting the heat out as quickly as possible is much more important. My suggestion , again, is to try the stock cooler first to see if you have a problem, before you fix it.

    If you are using 800-1000rpm fans, they will be very quiet. Again, try, before you buy on the fanmates. It is very easy to add them later if you later want to change the cooling vs. noise equation. I'm betting you won't need to.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I will be getting the 8800 GTS 512MB G92. I read on SPCR forums that the Accelero S1 Rev 2 with a 120mm fan is highly praised for its cooling abilities. I am trying to get this thing as quiet as possible, and the stock cooler on the 8800gts's are certainly not that quiet from what I have read.

    Anyways, I will definitely try out the stock tri-cools before I replace them. The Slip Streams are only approx $10 each so it's not that big of an expense to buy a couple beforehand...even if i don't use them it's always good to have extra :p

    I will also say that nothing will be overclocked (E8400 will be stock speed, RAM stock, GPU stock), so I don't expect much more heat to be created than initially intended by the product(s).

    Thanks again!
  5. I have a P182, and the fans are pretty quiet on low and medium. If you're not intending to overclock, I expect that the stock fans on low should suffice.

    For that matter, I'm not quite sure why you're replacing the stock cooler if you're not overclocking.
  6. Thanks! By stock cooler I assume you mean the tri-cools or the cpu cooler? In any event, I want them replaced because I want the system to be as quiet as possible...and as SPCR states, there are quieter options available than what comes with the system/parts.

    Thanks again ;)
  7. It looks like SPCR did the tests properly. I like their approach. The question is how close to silent do you want? Is merely quiet ok? My 8800GTS-512-G92 is quiet, but not silent. The fan ramps up for about two seconds at boot time, but settles down to quietness that does not seem to increase, even under load. It would not be hard to retrofit the cooler later if you want. Also, I would suggest the EVGA version of the 8800GTS because you will not void their warranty if you replace their cooler. Just keep it and re-install if you ever need to rma the card.
  8. I was referring to the CPU cooler. The stock intel cooler is pretty quiet. You might want to test it out before you spend the extra money.
  9. Good advice indeed. I will definitely think about it before I start to order parts.

  10. Dont listen to these putz's the stock parts are NOT quiet. Even with the tri-cool fans on low, you can clearly hear them from across a quiet room.

    Your setup is really good, but also consider a 3rd party cooler for your video card (as this will also be a large source of noise). Also make sure you get a quiet PSU, or if you didnt... mod it!
  11. I have that case, and with the tri cools on medium, it was nearly inaudible. The only sound I could hear was a gentle air flow, much quieter than the stock cooler on my e6750.

    I then water cooled the box, and can't hear the fans over the light water movement.

    The three yate loons I bought anticipating the change are still in my drawer.

    I did relocate the fan between the psu and the HD cage to the top fan slot, as it was tough to get the SATA connectors on the three Hds without the fan gone.

    I stuck my pump between that opening and the psu, and my 2 rads are at the top rear fan slot on the inside of the case, and my second one is front center after removing the cage there.

    Try the fans before replacing, they are noticeable at high, but not at medium.
  12. lol great posts...

    Ok I will get the Accelero S1 Rev 2 heatsink for the EVGA 8800 GTS 512-G92. I will also attach a Slip Stream 1200 onto it. This is also for cooling, as numerous tests have shown this combo to be amazing for lowering temps and be incredibly quiet.

    The PSU I have chosen is the Corsair HX Series CMPSU-520HX 520W after plenty of reading on how quiet and effective it was.

    As for the case fans, I will test out the tri-cools, but will also order the slip streams 1200 (always good to have extras). I will test both, and will choose the better one based on cooling performance and quietness.

    I am still deciding whether the top exhaust fan is necessary, and will look for further input and test with and without the fan when I get it.

    Thanks again. Any more suggestions are welcome.
  13. the stock Antec fans were way to loud for me, so i got some Scythe fans and it quited up real quick. Now the loudest fan is the video card fan on my 7800GTX
  14. Thanks! Can I ask how you filled up the hole where the tri-cool controller was at the back? Did you cover it?
  15. noise canceling foam is the way to block any holes.
  16. Thank you. I will go for the 1200 rpm slip streams allowing for more cooling if necessary, seeing that I can control the speed with the zalman.

    Also, anyone know if the Zalman MFC1 fits in my case (P182) with the door closed?
  17. I have that case, and with the tri cools on medium, it was nearly inaudible. The only sound I could hear was a gentle air flow, much quieter than the stock cooler on my e6750.

    Everyone has a different definition of quiet. I'm currently doing some basic testing and I thought the fans were too loud on low.

    I'm currently running Mem86 on it, and the Intel fan is really loud to my ears, but it's probably running at full speed...hopefully it can be tamed....if not, Mom's getting an after market cooler.

    As for the fans, before I go out and buy a bunch of fans, I may try running them on 5V (with the switches on High). If that doesn't do it, then they'll have to go...if that's ok, I may try 7V on some of them.


    I then water cooled the box, and can't hear the fans over the light water movement.

    I've never done water cooling, but I have to ask, why would you need a bunch of case fans running if you're water cooling the system?


    I did relocate the fan between the psu and the HD cage to the top fan slot, as it was tough to get the SATA connectors on the three Hds without the fan gone.

    This build will only have 2 SATA devices: a HD and DVD-RW. For that, I found it super easy to route the SATA connectors from the MB, but I did find it a bit harder to route the power connectors. If I had 3 drives, I can see how it'd be a problem....especially since the HX520 only comes with 2 SATA power cables (2 connectors on each).

    I want to be sure I follow your set up. You currently have 3 drives in the bottom chamber, but no fans? How's that affect the drive temps? Or did you move the drives up top along with the fan?

    Which direction do you have your PSU fan facing: up or down? I put mine facing down, but I'm uncertain if that's the best way to go.
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