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Alrighty so here it goes im lookin to upgrade my comp

what i have so far

Asrock dual sata

Amd fx-60

nvidia 8800 gtx oc2

2g of ram(4*512mb)

alright so here what im lookin for is a intel q9450 or q9300 but im wonderin is which motheboard i should get i was thinkin of the xfx 790i ultra but im not completely sold on it, but which motheboard would work well with the cpus i would like to get
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  1. Do you plan to go SLi in the future. And are you looking to do some extreme overclocking?
  2. If OCing get a good P35 or X38(ie P35-DS3x or ASUS Formula,etc). If SLI you will need to get a 780i. You will also need DDR2 800 RAM. (I believe the FX-60 is a socket 939)
  3. im not really interested in sli, which is better out of the ones you listed? i've been looking at the maximus formula, i like the extra features like the cmos switch but is the post lcd worth it?
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