Good Upgrade? HIS 2900Pro to->MSI GTS 512


I'm just curious if this is a worthwhile upgrade.

I've had the 2900 Pro since it came out...Early adopter(first time)
Paid 292 and change.

Finally upgraded to Vista64(with my last upgrade, played Crysis and the performance was abysmal 14-17fps fully patched Settings maxed No AA 1280x960 DX10. Haven't played

I also play FFOW, with all other UE3 games I get ~60fps, FFOW= 40max. I play others but they are old enough that performance isnt an issue.

I was browsing Newegg like i usually do checking prices when i came across an MSI 8800GTS 512 OC(Retail New) for $229 that also has a $30 rebate(not really worried about that). total with shipping is $237.25

I also just RMA'd my 7900GT KO to EVGA, ive been reading their forums for a while now and all the recent RMA's for them have been replaced with 320MB GTS'

So one of those cards is going with my old CPU/MB/RAM to a friend for his fathers computer. <-That pays/paid for most of my new stuff that replaces it.

I also have a friend i can sell my other card to for 150.

So i am able to upgrade my Video card for $80

So all that considered is it a good upgrade?

Off Topic mostly but also part of my reason for upgrading.
I must also confess, a group of my friends have a Top 10 Computer list on our Forums.
I am currently sitting @ #4, We have been using 3DMark06 as a guide, and yes i know it doesnt reflect real world performance, but its the easiest way to measure currently. All tests done using default settings.
E6600 overclocked to 3Ghz 4GB-DDR2-800 2X 8800GTS-320MB in SLI 3DMark06 12199
E6750 overclocked to 3Ghz 6GB-DDR2-1066 8800GTX-768MB
3DMark06 11445
E2160 3.0Ghz 4GB-DDR2-800 8800GT 512MB 3DMark06 11025

#4 ME
E2160 3.2Ghz 4GB-DDR2-854 HD2900PRO-512MB(512bit)
3DMark06 10793
E2160 3.2Ghz 4GB-DDR2-857 HD2900PRO-512MB(256bit)
3DMark06 10454

I'm looking to move up a few spots...Hopefully #2 atleast.
Sure none of them are beasts, but my friend seems to live vicariously through tweaking other peoples computers, trying to push me further down the list...all because I beat him he's #5 I was in #2 till he had to overclock one guys video card, then he talked another into SLI.

Enough Rambling....
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  1. The gts would be a sizeable upgrade. Maybe like 30/40 better under dx9 than a 2900xt, so it should easily mince the pro. Have you tried overclocking the pro yet? Ive got one but its still on stock, curious as to other peoples results.


    btw. is frontlines better than bf2? I tried bf2142 but didnt find it any better than bf2.
  2. the gts would be a nice upgrade,

    why not just beat up the top guy and take his rig, then you would have the best, and then if they bought something better you could just kick their @55 again, and take their sh|t, and then at some point they may stop being ur friends, but hey you'd be number 1, and there is nothing more important than being number 1 right?

  3. @ Spoonboy: I have it running @ 740/900 core is @ XT speeds and memory is higher, had it to 750/950 stable enough for my '06 score (Edit: I tried 1000 on memory but 06 crashed so i backed it down to 950)

    Is yours the 512bit one or the 256bit?
    And FFOW after a few more patches should come close to BF, I just played both BF2 and 2142 to death and needed something fresh, I got in during the closed beta and have been playing since.

    @Frozen: LOL #1 isn't that important, I have 2 people with with better CPU's ahead of me. I don't expect to beat the SLI setup, but i figure with some OC'ing i can take the GTX unless he tries to OC a bit more. That 8800GT is definately going down however

    And one of my older cards is going to the friend that tweaks the others computers, The one that seems to have made it a personal goal to move me down.....We've been friends for 20+ years so its no big deal just some healthy competition. He's upgrading his father's P4 1.8/256mb RDRAM /9800 pro setup. Which ever card i can make the least amount of money on is going to him, since our deal was for my RMA'd 7900.
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