Help on overclocking E6320 (tried and read alot allready!)

Hi All,

I recently got a new computer in exchange for one week of fulltime work at a hardware store as programmer.(not that it matters)
The specs are:

Processor: Intel Core Duo E6320
Mobo: Intel P965 / G652 Intel 82801HB LGA775 Socket(I dunno if this is the mobo and/or the chipsets if you need more info tell me)
Memory: 2x 512mb Kingston Valueram. (going to upgrade to at least 2gb total today or tommorow)
Graphical card: NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT 512mb
Harddisk: 250gb 7200rpm
Power: 500 watt

I tried to oc it to 2.3ghz, but it gets unstable. I increased voltage with 0.03 and still unstable.
To define 'unstable', using SP2004 on both CPU's at same time on full stress at least one kick out after aprox 1 minut!

I read alot allready and people got it up to 3.0ghz and higher, so please help me!

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  1. your problem here seam to be your RAM. have built a system similar to yours in the past.

    CPU: e6300
    MB: Foxconn w/p965 chipset
    RAM: 2Gb Corsair val Select (essentially the same thing as Kingston Vram)
    HDD: WD cavier 160Gb @ 7200rpm

    so you get the idea there similar.

    your issue here is the ram is not 'good' enough to faciltiate the increased speeds.

    assuming your just cranking up the FSB and Vcore, then try this, in your bios keep the ram linked or in Ratio,

    then downclock your ram (assuming 677, although it will work the same with 800) so it will now be 533 (or 677 repectively)

    when you crank up your FSB to 333Mhz (whichis good number to aim for, even if you could go faster, i would personally leave it here due to the 'nice' numbers)

    your RAM should now be at it rated speed. so when it was 677, then downclocked to 533, now becasue of the FSB linked ratio it will now be back at 677.

    hope this work for you as it work for me.

    if thee is no ratio options then you'll proberly be safe to asume that it will keep them linked.

    another thing to consider, is removing strain off yout chipset.

    disable anything you dont use in your bios, and disable speedstep and CE1 for now.

    the CPU is getting a little old now but the e6300 still has a lot of kick in it, especially when OC'ed.

    PS: you really need more RAM, get the same stuff to keep things simple.
  2. what is your memory speed, for get higher memory speed, you may need to loose time or add more memory volatage, by the way , what is your cpu heatsink, the stock cooling may limit your oc.
    I had a e6320, it took 1.4625volt to get oc stable at 2.8 GHZ, every cpu are different, it all depends on luck.
  3. I managed to get it to 2.1ghz stable now but my aim is at least 2.8 and I would be really happy with 3.2-3.4

    It turned out the internal memory is 2x512mb PQI Turboram.

    @Dobby I tried to find the RAM and lower it one step but I couldn't find it or it's already on the lowest. I made some foto's from the BIOS maybe that way you can tell me which things to change to what.
    @Bob, im kinda confused on what the speed of the memory is, the memory is from begin 2007 so it may have been turbo than but not anymore. Please check the pics below.

    Some bios pics:


    RAM settings??

    Advanced chipset features

    Power management

    Pc Health status

    If you need other screens of information just tell me, and thanks in advance again for all the help!

  4. damn, i hate to say, but is there any chance that when you buy your new RAM you replace all your RAM, because its at a rediculassly cheap price these days, i wouldn't say that you go out and get the best OC'ing corsiar dominator ram with the crazy 88 fans; but if you could get some 677Mhz corsair XMS2 or any other bigish brand RAM with heat spreaders.

    you could get 4*512 or 2*1gb but i wont come up to much.

    i hope this help, but your ram is also deffinatly your weak point, i guess you could whack it with another few volts, but it will just put stress on the weak part.

    sry to be the bringer of bad news
  5. use cpu z to check the rating of your memory, it is ddr2 533, so basic you can't overclock too high with this ram, do not waste your time.
    memory is ddr2 533, the front bus speed is 533/2=267. 267*7=1.83 GHZ, that is the standard frequency of E6320, if you need to pass 2.8Ghz, you need to run the memory ddr2 800, most memory allow you push higher when you add voltage or loose timing ( form 4-4-4-12 to 5-5-5-18) or something like that, for your cpu to reach 3.4 Ghz, you almost need ddr2 1000, and I do not your vcore will be, it will run super hot, if you do not have strong power supply and decent cooling, you will in deep trouble!
  6. Well thanks anyway, I think i'm gonna order either 2x1 gb or 4x512 from Corsair and put it in and lett you know more than ofcourse. Thanks for the info so far, I'll try to put some more volt on it but I need more ram anyway so I'll replace it all.
    I'll keep it posted here if I find out more!

  7. Didn't saw your reply yet Bob, i'll try it out in a few min!

  8. cool make sure you get at least 677mhz. although 800mhz will allow you to get higher.

    make sure its decent for ocing like Corsair xms2. your ram will proberly be the barrier once again but like i said before downclock then ov
    erclock til your ram hit a nice round number again. (ie, 677, 800, 1066)

    i dont think you will get to 3.4ghz, thats a steep target.

    but 2.8 should be OK
    if you set your CPU FSB to:
    266*7=1.86ghz stock
    333*7=2.33ghz down clock ram will bring the ram back to stock
    400*7=2.8ghz 677 -> 533 -> 800mhz (677 will now be stressed but shoudl be fine)
    500*7=3.5ghz 800 -> 677 -> 1000mhz (with Vram increase should be ok)

    your problem at the higher speed is your rted fsb is x3 so when stock it is 1066
    then when at 333 you get 1333
    then @ 400 you get a huge 1600
    so to get the 3.4~3.5 then you rated fsb is gonna be a huge 2000.

    so i would stick with 333 but give 400 at go.
  9. Dobby thanks alot :)
    To make some conclusions:
    I cannot oc it good now due to the memory which is 553/2=266mhz so max FSB is 266 and when I go higher with the FSB it get's unstable even if I increase Vcore and/or Vram.
    If I buy descent memory(is Kingston valueram ok? Or do I really need corsair xms2) of for example 800 than the calc is: 800/2 = 400mhz max FSB so 400x7=2.8ghz with slight increase(to max 1.5v) of Vcore and no increase of Vram or also a increasement of Vram?
    The temperatures will increase if i increase Vcore and/or Vram but that shouldn't become a big problem because of my case.

    Please tell me if this story is correct.

    Again thanks alot!

  10. "The temperatures will increase if i increase Vcore and/or Vram but that shouldn't become a big problem because of my case"
    that is not true, it depend on you cpu heatsink and your case
  11. no corsair XMS2 is certainly not needed, but a Ram similar nature form a noted branded is advised for overclocking, like giel, super talent, OCZ... it must really have heat spreaders. value ram is fine until you start wanting to OC, i guess if you down clock your ram beforte overclocking little stress will be on the RAM, so you could get away with Kingston ValRam 677 as it would get Downclocked to 533, and on return would be back 677.

    unless you can unlock the link between your ram and CPU ratio then this is the only way.

    but the difference in price between DDR2 modules is minimal, (buy cheap buy twice)

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