Help with uisng IDE drives on SATA mobo


I have just bought a SATA P5Q3 mobo but I have a few 500GB IDE drives I still want to use.

I have used the onbopard IDE controller for two of them and have some USB extyernals with IDE drives, however this leaves empty bays in my box whcih I would like to use with other drives.

I have plenty of old IDE mobile racks but they do not connect to the sata mobo.

I have seen what I think are sata racks that use the bay whci one can insert an IDE or SATA drive in. Would that be correct? I am is Sydney Oz and have called and looked but can't seem to come across any yet.

I also think I saw a rach that took an SATA or IDE drive and whilst it sat in the bay, it connected via usb.

If I used the latter wouldn't my hard drive speed go down a lot?

I use the box for video and audio editing.

Many thanks..

oz :-)
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  1. SATA and IDE drives will fit in the same expansion bay. If you are out of IDE ports on the board, you can get an IDE controller card or IDE/SATA adapters. Either of those would be faster than using an external usb enclosure.
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