VLC and WMP keep crashing with wma audio file

When using VLC or WMP10 for transcribing of wma audio files both of these programs will hang- totally at random. Sometimes I can work for an hour and half - sometimes for only 2 minutes. I have had a new codecs 'thingy' put on, I did wonder if it was to do with the heat as well. Someone has suggested backing everything up and re-loading Windows XP - that sounds rather drastic. I have been using WMP for transcription work for 5 years and have never had a problem before. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem ...HELP....
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  1. Transcoding, rendering, they both are processor intensive.

    You may be on the right track concerning the problem...

    After 5 years, your CPU fan and heatsink may be a bit dusty causing your CPU to overheat and crash your system without notice.
  2. Thanks very much. I'll do a bit of 'dusting' and perhaps look into a Speedfan download.
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