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I just puts together a new comp.

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  1. Sorry, i pressed enter.

    As i was saying I just put together a new computer and It seems to me that my motherboard runs a little hot.
    M2N32-Sli Deluxe Wireless Edition
    2 EVGA 8800 GTS 640 mn
    2 gigs g.skill mem
    some hard drives and a 1000 watt power supply

    Ok, at full load the temp for the motherboard is between 45-50 degrees Celsius. It seems a little hot and pc probe says that when it get to 45 degrees it goes off and says it too hot. So what do you think could cause the heat?
  2. Need more info case, fans?
  3. The case is a cooler master stacker 830 with 7 case fans. There is one intake on the front, one intake on the top, one blows out the back and two intake and two push out on the side.
  4. Also with running SLI with the 8800's, one of the cards covers the southbridge heatpipe. Would that case the board to run a little hot?
  5. Well you have enough case fans thats for sure, so how do you cool your CPU?
  6. The cpu stays pretty cool. I have a CNPS9700 NT Zalman cooler for socket am2 that sits on top of the cpu. Asus pc probe has never said anything about the cpu.
  7. just a few things. These are kinda off the wall but bear with me.
    The video cards are dual slot cards, did you remove the covers on the back of the case to allow the cards to blow out the back? (did this with my new box but caught it b4 start up lol.) Are all the fans blowing? Are all the fans pointed in the right direction? ie., intake actually being an intake, exhaust actual being an exhaust?
  8. Part of the reason is the CPU cooler doesn't blow down on the mother board as the stock cooler would. 45C may be a little higher then normal but I think it can go much higher then that, set your PC probe 55C which I think is still reasonable, then check the net for what is normal for that board.
  9. The covers on the back of the case have been removed, and I double checked several times and the ones i want intake are intake and the exhaust are exhaust. I set the probe at 55c and have been snooping around and have come to the conclusion that the normal temp for this mother board is between 38-40c, but if you guys find anything else out please let me know!! Thanks
  10. I'm having a similar problem with this same board. I recently added a second 8800GTX in sli and at idle I'm seeing temps of 57c!! I tried out Crysis and while it runs extremely smooth and stable I saw temps up to 70c on the mobo! I called Asus and one guy told me I should see temps between 30c-50c for this board, while another guy told me I should see temps between 45c - 65c. Who do we believe?

    All other components are running extremely cool except the mobo, even the GPUs. The only thing I can gather is that either the second pci express slot is covering the south bridge creating the extreme heat, or the probe is very close to the bottom pci express slot and the probe is just getting the temps off the second GPU. I've been trying to figure out a solution of how to keep it cool.

    Here are my specs. I'm not overclocking either.

    AMD 5600
    M2N32 - Sli Deluxe Wireless Edition
    Asus 8800GTX x2
    4gigs Corsair Ram
    WD 150gb Raptor
    WD 250gb 7200 x2 Raid 1
    850watt psu
    2 exhaust fans (1 rear & 1 top), 3 intakes (1 front, 2 side hitting RAM and top GPU).
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