Where do i find a display driver

hi. my message says " your display driver has charged. the auto rotation feature needs to reinstall the rotation driver. if the message reappears please update your display drivers, please re-install now.. how and where do i find this

Im a beginner. so please try to help me in beginners trems :pt1cable:
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  1. It sounds like you updated the driver for your video card, or possibly your monitor. Hopefully you did not download drivers from the MS Windows update site.

    So, can you post you system specs: makes and models of video card and monitor, and the motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDDs, CD/DVD drives, and operating system?

    If I'm guessing correctly, we can provide links to your video card drivers (if we know your card's make and model). Then you can follow the link(s) to download and install the latest drivers available for your operating system.

    edited: Everyone here was once a beginner, so that's a non-issue.
  2. I don't know what's the problem with my pc. But when i want to play games it dispay's error like"Video Card 0 doesn't have device id or vendor id"
    How Can i solve this??? Please Help me.....

    I'm Feed up by seeing this error.....
  3. You need to re-install the driver. If the video card is aftermarket, it came with a CD that has the driver. If not, tell us the make and model of your driver and we'll help find it for you.
  4. Do you know what video card you have?
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