Raid drivers and no floppy connector

Quick question: "How do I install a raid driver without a floppy connection on my motherboard?"

I've got a pretty mean computer set up. I've currently got my 4x 1TB HDD's in Raid 0 using the onboard raid controllers; But it seems my performance is very limited by the low quality of this controller. I would like to buy a new raid card, but I'm worried I'll be unable to install its drivers. If I had a floppy connector, I could get a floppy drive and be good to go, but I have none. I've got 9 SATA ports, and an IDE, but no floppy. How do I install the drivers?

For the people who still aren't following:


System specs:

EVGA x58 SLI board
Core i7 920 @ 3.32ghz
12GB OCZ triple threaded DDR3 @ 1333mhz
BFG Geforce GTX 280 OCX
4x 1TB WD Caviar Black HDD's
DVD and Blue Ray optical drives.
Windows XP 64 bit

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  1. Welcome whmdan... I honestly think you should go through the relative non-trouble of buying a floppy ribbon cable. And IIRC, you can also activate RAID via your motherboard, meaning you don't need a floppy.
  2. Excuse my ignorance. But, what will a floppy ribbon cable do for me if I don't have a floppy connection on my motherboard?

    Also, could you be more confusing or horribly uninformative? I'm not sure which you're being, but given I'm currently using my motherboards onboard raid feature, I think I'd be aware that it has it.
  3. Vista and later Windows iteration allow you to load drivers from CD, unfortunately you're on XP so you can't do that. Another way is to use nLite to integrate the RAID driver into your XP CD. I'm not sure if nLite will work with Windows XP 64 bit though, have never used this Windows version. And last is buying a floppy drive, I guess.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll edit the OP with capital letters saying, "MY MOTHERBOARD DOESN'T HAVE A FLOPPY CONNECTION SOCKET"

    If it was as simple as buying a floppy drive, I wouldn't be asking. I've just got no place to plug it in.
  5. Use a USB floppy drive.
  6. A USB floppy will work? I thought of that, but I was thinking it would show up as any old USB drive, and not a floppy drive. You're sure a USB floppy will work? Because a USB flash drive doesn't work. If yes, then thanks a ton. That's what I've been needing.
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