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I have been searching around on these forums as well as different charts and reviews for what would be the best graphics card I should buy for a 19" LCD. I am not sure what the resolution is on it because I haven't used it yet (new). I am guessing its native resolution is 1440 x 900. Anyways, I was wondering if anybody here could give me their input on what would be the best graphics card for this size monitor. I want something that will be able to handle really heavy scenes (many units and traffic on the screen at once) with no lag on the highest graphic settings and all filters on. I play mostly RTS games like WIC, COH, and C&C. My budget would be around $320 at most. What card do you think could come closest to fulfilling all these requests I have?

My system has 8GB of PC-6400 A-DATA RAM and an Intel Xeon 3110.

Thanks for any replies
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  1. The g92 8800gts should do nicely for below your budget:
  2. agreed. that card should rip it:)
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