New Case, PSU, Cooling for My Mid-Range system?


I know similar questions have been asked before but I need help with a (IMHO) unique set of requirements.

I have a uATX system as follows:

Asus P5K-VM Mobo
intel c2q Q6600 CPU @ 2.8 GHz

Themaltake Silent 775D Cpu Cooler

4x1 GB DDR2 800
1x250 GB Seagate 7200.10 SATA (Mac OSX)
1x20 GB IDE HDD (WinXP)
nVidia 7600GT

in an Ultra MicroFly case with 400w Ultra V-Series PSU

Please don't tell me this PSU is garbage, I already know. My system only draws a max of 205 W at the wall under full load and approx 120 W idle.

The computer lives in a cabinet under a small corner unit desk in my bedroom. I only run the computer with the cabinet doors open and only run the computer when it is being used, I have a PIII server with 1.2TB storage sitting right beside it outside the desk.

My problems right now are heat (processor 45oC Idle & up to 68-70oC Load), and Noise, I run the processor fan ( a Zalman 92 mm) at full speed all the time. The Processor Idles at 35oC when the computer case is open (top and sides off).

I want to overclock beyond 2.8GHz, but am afraid to. Will a new case and power supply help this? I am thinking of an antec sonata III, because I cant beat $100 for the case and 500w earthwatts PSU. Is this case a step up in cooling? I know I will be able to use a CM Hyper TX2 or something in the case which should improve the CPU cooling, but if the case is full of hot air this won't help will it?

I want to get away from uATX. I dont think my PSU's cables are long enough for a mid tower and I dont really trust the Ultra v-series anyway.

Total budget is ~$150 CDN, can I do better than Sonata III and Hyper TX2? I'm not a fan of the case door on the Sonata. Is my system in the small desk going to benefit if air flow is limited to begin with?


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  1. Anyone?
  2. If the PSU is working fine i would transplant it into another case (which i believe will better your temps).

    You could find something like a Antec900 for around that price and grab something like a Zalman9700 that has a bigger fan and therefore less noise.

    Im not sure what the CDN $ is like at the moment but i dont think that kind of setup will have you much over your budget
  3. The leads on the PSU are WAY too short for a standard mid tower let alone anything like an Antec 900. I had an E6550 in the system at one point and could not overclock it past 2.6GHz, in another system the processor hit 3.2GHz, I suspect PSU instability / voltage ripple in holding back my max FSB with the system, b/c the P5K-VM is supposed to overclock FSB 1333 C2D Procs like a champ.
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