Any good dual monitor software?

Can anybody recommend some dual monitor software?
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  1. I have that, not enough features.
  2. Might help if you'd say what you liked and didn't like about it. I've used it for years, and it meets my needs fine.

    I'm curious about what features I'm missing out on. :)

  3. ultramon beta version. its good but has a few bugs in it as it is a beta version
  4. And they spell colour right!
  5. If all you want to do is stretch a background across two monitors, all you need to do is select that background and set it to "tile" in windows and you will have your background across two screens.

    I just make sure you are using the same resolution for the background and your two monitors combined to reduce any image replication. Otherwise there is UltraMon as mentioned above. :non:
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