OCing E8500(C0) on GA-EP45-DS3R

This is my first time overclocking and I'm having some problems. First of all I'm not doing a huge overclock. Just upping the FSB from 333 to 400 (3.8GHz). I took a look at the guide and it has helped me a ton but I'm having some issues with the voltages. First of all I set the Vcore to Auto and everything booted up okay but when I ran prime95 it gave me errors after only 2 hours. I upped the Vcore by 15(I think) mV(1.325000 in the BIOS), ran p95 for 4 hours, and everything was running OK. I've been using this setup for a while but lately I've noticed that some of my gadgets in the sidebar were not loading properly. So I decided to run p95 again and I got an error in 3 hours. This is really confusing because I thought the Auto setting for Vcore would overshoot the minimum needed Vcore? Also I noticed that one core (Core 0) is always getting the error and in the guide it says it's usually because of a low Vcore. Anyone want to help me figure out what's wrong or if I need to adjust another voltage? Oh also I was using the blend test in P95, should I use another test?
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  1. Please give a full system spec and voltages.

    What are your temps looking like?

    Is the ram divider at 1:1 and all of the speedstep stuff turned off?

    If your vcore is currently on auto you should changed it to a fixed value instead (just keeping bumping up the vcore until its stable or the temps get out of hand)

    As for the prime95 you should actually be using the small fft test instead of the blend test. It stresses your cpu more and really determines if it is stable.

    As for ram you should run memtest86+ to determine if it is stable
  2. Specs:

    Mobo: GA-EP45-DS3R
    CPU: E8500 (C0 stepping)
    HSF: Arctic 7 Pro
    PSU: Corsair TX 650
    RAM: Mushkin 2X2 GB EM2-6400
    HDD: 500GB Seagate
    GPU: 4870 512MB

    Vcore: 1.325000V was 1.225000 at stock
    RAM: 1.8V(Stock)

    Everything else is on auto. Disabled speedstep and C1E.

    My temps are maxing at around 54C in Everest under load. They used to max at around 50C at stock speed under load.

    Ram divider is 1:1
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