SATA HDD of a laptop connected to a Desktop PC ?

I have a hdd from a laptop, model: WD1600BEVS and i want to know if i can connect the hdd to a desktop computer.I'm not sure if the power connection and data connection are compatible with the connection from a desktop pc.
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  1. They're fully compatible. Just plug them in and it'll work fine :)
  2. Yes. All SATA drives are interchangeable.

    The older 2.5" PATA/IDE laptop drives were not although you could buy a 2.5"->3.5" adapter.

    You may need a mount though which they sell for 3.5" and 5.25" bays most likely. I have a 2.5" in my case and just used some blue packing foam to wedge mine in and it works fine.
  3. cjl said:
    They're fully compatible. Just plug them in and it'll work fine :)

    That's not always true. Some OEM's use a proprietary interface (Dell and Sony mostly, but I've seen them on HP and Lenovo as well). It should be immediately obvious, though, usually before unplugging the drive from from the laptop. Sometimes one gets fooled by a combined all-in-one connector, that upon disconnecting shows just a standard set of drive connectors.

    If they are incompatabile, sometimes one can replace the circuit board, but finding out what model to get the CB from proves very difficult. (sigh)
  4. Tanks, i resolve the problem .My big problem was if the power connection its the same.The HDD from the laptop dos not need the +12V connection,it only needs +5V for operation and i was afraid to pug it into the desktop pc.I resolve that by cuuting the +12V cable from the power cable to be sure that i will not destroy the HDD.
  5. its working in that way dude,,,jst cut the +12V cable n plug i n play ur laptop sata HDD in ur desktop...
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