Safe mode doesn't show in the boot options...?

How can I get that option to show?

Its a Dell Optiplex GX270(just found out about the overfilled capacators,luckily it's not one of them),with XP Pro.

Its been like this since I got it.I'm not having problems with windows,I was just hoping to get this figured out before I actually need to use safe mode.
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  1. Usually, you press the F8 key immediately after the POST screen and before the Windows boot screen appears. That will give you several bot choices, including "Safe" mode.
  2. :pt1cable: Brain fart,excuse me.

    If i actually needed safe mode i would have remembered that special F8 key.I just saw "F2 for BIOS,F12 for boot menu",just snooping around,didnt give the boot device menu a second though,i just glanced at it for a second and thought "no safe mode?,well that sucks".Its been a while since I've needed to use any of that.

    So yeah,I get the idiot of the year award.

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