Is this Process to increase hard drive speed Safe? I

I have windows vista ultimate 64 bit, 4gb ram, WD 320gb HDD 7200rpm, Quad Core Q9550 @ 2.8ghz.

I found this article that says how to speed hard drive speed in win vista but i want to know if this is safe or it true?

Lately I've been noticing a Lag in my computer when starting up, i only have my anitvirus, evga precision tool, windows gadget bar and parental control program to start in the start up, when it gets to the windows screen and log in, it takes sometime to get full speed then after that everything its normal speed.

I don't get it since i have a Quad Core i was expecting my start up to be a little bit faster without lag, My computer is Cleaned, registry cleaned, computer Defragmented and No viruses, i recently installed windows vista.
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  1. See here for a more detailed explanation of this "Advanced performance" option:

    Basically it causes agressive write buffering in the RAM, which can certainly speedup your system by writing the first X MB to the RAM first, making small file transfers complete very quickly even though the information is still being tranfered to the harddrive in the background; it would appear that the operation had already completed. This is known as write-back. There is one problem: a crash (blue screen) or power failure may cause severe file system corruption, causing data loss. So you should only use this on systems where you can easily restore a backup of the information should this situation occur.

    Anti-virus and many Vista functions like auto-defrag, Indexing and System Restore, might slow down your computer, sometimes the Anti-Virus is amplifying this effect since it will scan each file Vista wants to index, so it becomes a real wear on your computer performance. You can disable these services, and benchmark your disk to see how its performing. Also, for true performance you need an SSD. Powerful modern systems with quadcores can still be limited by mechanical harddrives with high latencies; only the use of SSD as a system disk can break this performance barrier and give you a more fluent computing experience.
  2. another great thing to do is to make sure your registry entries are in order. the registry can become cluttered after extensive use of a single install of windows and this can increase your boot and load times on initial login.

    and finally, if you go to Run -> msconfig -> startup tab you can see the list of programs (visible and invisible) that turn on every time your computer starts up. if you're heavily concerned with performance this list should be quite small. For instance my computer has 4 entries here. 1) laptop touch pad driver 2) nVidia display drivers 3) HP Wireless Assistant 4) AVG Anti-Virus
  3. "Is this Process to increase hard drive speed Safe?"
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