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I am planning to build a new comfuser & was wondering if the 1TB HDD's are really all that great. I've read some pple use them mainly as back-up drive, but how well do they do as the main OS drive?

I've especially been looking at this one:
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  1. I can tell you I've had 4 of the Western Digital 1TB "Green" Caviars pass through my hands, 1 was DOA & 1 crapped out after 5 months. Had to RMA them (the DOA one to Newegg, the other to WD) which added about $18 to the cost of the 2 functioning (knock wood) ones I have now.

    Both failed examples were WD10EACS, not the currently available WD10EADS, but I think the only difference is the DS has a 32 meg cache, the CS, 16. Unlikely this had anything to do with the failures I experienced.

    I use them as bulk storage, have never booted from them. Nor would I, given the unreliability I've experienced.

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