How do you Activate CTRL ALT DEL keys in XP

How do you Activate CTRL ALT DEL keys in XP I got a blue screen and it auto boot so fast I could not catch the error,, In the process it some disabled the
three finger salute to bring up my Task manager.

If I could find where in Regedit it is located and what I am to find when normal
would be able to edit it to correct the problem..

Thanks for your time Don.
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  1. Next time Windows is running, go to control panel, system, advanced, system failure, and uncheck the box that says "Automatically Restart."
    Next blue-screen you get will stay there. Error info is there.
  2. Thanks for the info. I unchecked the auto reboot.. Now I have to wait for it to Blue screen again. I am not sure what is the cause, but I had pulled a batter out of the lap top .. when it was locked up.. Powered it totally down.. with the battery out and rebooted the machine.. It came up with a flash of a blue screen .. I took it down solid and waited about 5 minutes put the battery back in and powered it up it came up with out any errors. Then when it
    came back up , I wanted to check out what was running in the background with the task manager.. It was not able to pop it up.. Not sure if it clipped the config-file on boot up.. Well I have to find another machine with a lap top
    ACER -1777 and see what it has in the Config-edit and see the values in the Task - Manager.. section or under where they control key functions..

    If any one out there could give me more information the correction of this problem I would appreciated it.. DBean
  3. Have a look at


    Make sure that it is set to 0 (1 disables Task Manager).

    But you might like to discover what caused this to happen. Some viruses do this, so a thorough virus scan might be in order if you haven't already done so.
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