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August 5, 2010 2:09:50 AM

ok i am having trouble with my computer all of a sudden. 2 days ago i tried to delete this game program and it wouldnt delete it said that it could not find the internet shortcut file could not be deleted becuz of copyrite protection. i couldnt find it in my add/remove programs list.. i restarted my computer and the file dissapeared....i thought my problem was fixed but then i went to the start button and tried to go to all programs and it wouldnt expand... also help and support run and search are no longer icons they are just folders and when i click on them it says windows cannot create a shortcut here would u like windows to place it on the desktop? ...another problem that started at the same time is i cant get on internet explorer.. it just crashes immedaitlly. i ran multiple viris scans deleted everything... then i ran multiple regestiry scans ... deleted everything.... my computer is broken and i need help......plz help me...

oh ya and i cant restore my system because system restore just comes up as a blank screen...and i dont have a xp disk to reload .....

More about : helllp plzzz

August 5, 2010 2:17:01 AM

someone plz help i feel like throwing my computer out my window ........................
August 5, 2010 2:33:18 AM

Your best avenue may be to take your damaged hard drive out of the computer and install it as a second drive on a working computer.
Drag your personal files off the disk and make a backup on a CD, thumb drive, DVD...with the working computer. Save your files and pictures before you try anything else.
Don't load anymore "fix it" programs until you back up your personal files. These type of programs may just make the situation much worse.

Then you will need an XP install disk (prefer XP Pro SP3) to do a repair of the operating system, or a reformat and fresh install of the operating system. At this point you have loaded multiple "cleaners," "fixers", "scanners" which really may turn out to be a bad idea.

To repair XP, see Tom's hardware forum, fifth post from the top, for the directions.

To protect XP, once you get it repaired or reloaded from the XP disk, I strongly recommend an all- in- one security program such as Norton 360, or Panda Internet security. I do not recommend free downloads for security, or using more than 1 security program. Multiple security programs can cause conflicts and various problems.

Then, you need to buy or borrow an XP disk, because I sincerely doubt that any "fix it" program is going to get your computer running, especially after what has happened already.
August 5, 2010 4:23:45 AM

Have a registry cleaner/fixer program installed in your computer before continuing. If you don't have one, there are lots of them out there, many for free. I don't like the freebie stuff, it is free for a reason. Get TuneUp Utilities and install. It works for a month without paying for it. The trial link is in fine print under the "Buy Now" button at their site.

Make a new restore point.

Open Windows explorer and delete the entire game folder.
While Explorer is open, look in Documents and Settings for any other folders/files associated with the game. Delete them too.

Empty the recycle bin.

Run TuneUp Utilities and perform a registry repair (Click the "Clean and Repair" button to find it).

Allow TuneUp Utilities to repair your registry. It will delete the dead links to the game files that are now missing.

Restart Windows.