What's the difference? XFX is kidding right?

Ok, I will be short on that...

I have a pretty good XFX graphic card (the 8800GT 512 XXX C:670Mhz and M:1980Mhz), with the code name (PV-T88-YDD4), now that I'm looking for a SLI system, I try to find a good card for it.
So after I checked (again) the XFX site, I discover that XFX launch a bunch of card on the market...
I was searching the cards, and I get this:

1. 8800GT 512 XXX (C:670Mhz and M:1980Mhz) and code name (PV-T88-YDD4) with stock cooler.

2. 8800GT 512 XXX (C:670Mhz and M:1980Mhz) and code name (PV-T88-YHD4) with a ... (don't know) cooler.

and for the second one, the specs are the same, except for something like PCI-Express Bus 2.0...

Can't anybody tell me the difference?
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  1. different cooler
  2. Yeah, both are going to support PCI-E 2.0 but they have different coolers.
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