Overclocking Q9400...Help Please

Hi all,

My system specs are

Intel Core2Quad Q9400@3.4Ghz
Asus P5E3 motherboard
2x1 GB Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz
512MB RadeonHD4870
Thermaltake Tsunami Case
Thermaltake 650W Qfan Psu
500Gb Seagate sata II

I am overclocking my Q9400 for the first time. Right now i am at 3.4 ghz with FSB Frequency set to 425x8 and DRAM Frequency at DDR3-1281 mhz on bios. ( It was set to DDR3-1361mhz automatically i did set it to 1281mhz manually just to stay below 1333mhz)

Below you can see the settings i have changed in bios. Everything else is at auto or at their default values. I didnt change any voltage settings.

Ai Overclock Tuner - Manual
Cpu Ratio Setting - 08.0
FSB Frequency - DDR3- 1281Mhz
PCIE Frequency - 100
DRAM Command Rate - 2N

Everything else is at Auto...

CPU Configuration

Cpu Ratio Setting - 08.0
C1E Support - Disabled
Vanderpool Technology - Disabled
Intel SpeedStep - Disabled (I set the cpu ratio at 08.0 manually and speedstep no more there. I cant see it in the menu anymore)

Hardware Monitor

Cpu Qfan Control - Enabled
Cpu Fan Profile - Performance

In Vista Power Options High Performance is selected.

I ran Prime95 for 2,5 hours, playing games, benchmarking and in windows for 2 days and experienced no problems or stability issues till now.

At 2,5 hours of Prime95 run heat never got over 52C. I had no warnings or errors. When Idle Cpuz reads 1,280-1,288 core voltage but i did see that while running Prime95 core voltage changes between 1,25-1,26.

What i want the ask is as far as i can see many people change their voltage settings when trying to overclock this cpu to 3.4ghz or 3.6ghz. But i didnt am i doing something wrong ?

I read 1700mhz rated fsb in cpuz. Since I know my mobo is for max 1600mhz fsb am i pushing it too far ?

Can i set DRAM Frequency to DDR3-1361 mhz just to get full performance out of my 1333mhz rams ? Or is 1361mhz a problem for my 1333mhz DDR3 ram modules?

Any help/sharing of ideas would be much appreciated...

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  1. Any ideas ?
  2. By the way i forgot the mention that i am using thermaltake duorb fan not the stock fan.

    Please i need clarification on the issues above. Right now i am still running my cpu at 3.4ghz but i am not sure if i have done everything the right way.

    Especially voltages everything set to auto ( should they be set manually and what must be the values ), dram frequency is at ddr3-1281 and rated fsb right now is at 1700mhz which exceeds my mobos max rated fsb which is 1600 ? Can those issues cause peroblem ?

    In CoreTemp VID seems to be at 1.2125v but in cpuz core voltage is 1.288v. Which one do u think is showing the real values ?

    As you can see i am little confused at that point and need guidance. Any help would really be much appreciated...

    Many thanks,
  3. I dont know why but i cant edit my messages. So I just had to post that reply for correction about my bios settings above...

    Ai Overclock Tuner - Manual
    Cpu Ratio Setting - 08.0
    FSB Frequency - 425
    DRAM Frequency - DDR3-1281
    PCIE Frequency - 100
    DRAM Command Rate - 2N

    sorry for message over message craziness...
  4. Is it enough to run Prime for 2,5 hours and getting no errors. As far as i can see it should be run at least 12 hours. Mine is not a 7/24 pc but 7/12 we can say...

    And still looking for help about my overclocked settings. I ran prime for 2,5h with no errors and doing everything at 3.4Ghz for a week for now. Is it a good sign or do i need to change settings ? Manual voltage calibration for example ?
  5. hey whats up, First off im a noob that just overclocked to 3.4 successfully after many attempts. so first thing i should tell you is that you need to run prime95 for a lot longer than 2.5 hours.

    what i did was this:

    1st: run Intel Burn test- will put EXTREME stress on cores, will show how your cpu is handling temps and will show you quickly if its stable. Run 10 passes to be safe. will take maybe 20-30mins.

    2nd: if you OC passed IBT run OCCT for an hour.

    3rd: If you pass above then run prime for atleast 8 hours. some like more than 8 hours but yeah.

    Test your 3.4 ghz OC first then move up from there. There were times i thought since i passed 4 hours of prime95 i was stable. But then i ran Intel Burn test and i would get BSOD in less than 10 seconds. so i recommend doing a variety of tests.
  6. Hey there...

    r u experiencing some kind of a strange situation like mine. It goes like that...

    When I hit the power button on the case lights go on fans start to spin for a very short while and then everything off again for a short while and then on again then system boots with no problem but why does it do that ?

    Its like on-off-on and here we go.... Before overclocking the cpu there was no such issue like that..Is this some kind of a stability problem ?

    I didn't use Intel burn Test. But I ran OCCT ( Auto 1h test ) passed. But prime95 only for 2,5h with no errors.

    Did you change any of your voltage settings ? everything about voltages in my bios set to auto. I am thinking to give cpu core 1.30 v, enable load line calibration (auto by default) and disable cpu and pcie spread spectrums ?

    What say u ?

  7. I personally dont like leaving anything on auto because it will give it more than it needs.

    I have my cpu voltage at 1.275 and on auto it takes it to 1.35. (i have a q9550 and 780i board)

    the setting right under cpu voltage i think its VTT i have that set to 1.3

    I dont have anything set to auto.
  8. Yes i see. I have Q9400 on Asus P5E3 and too many auto settings in bios AI Tweaker Menu. Only those i stated in my first message are set manually by me all others at auto.

    I would like to change all of them manually if i knew what their values must be and this is actually what i am wishing to see some advices for...

    By the way with auto settings Cpuz shows 1,28v idle and 1,25-1,26v load in my system...Heats like 48 49 49 50 max 55 when prime 95 is working.
  9. Good temps, 1.28v and cpuz showing you something else is called vdroop.
  10. Yeah. So whats my real core voltage actually when cpuz showing 1,28v for example ? How much vdroop differs i really wonder know...
  11. For 3.6Ghz

    Tried 1.3000 Cpu voltage, Enable LLC, Disable Cpu&PCI Spread Spectrums

    Cpu ratio 08.0
    fsb freq 450
    dram freq-ddr3 1119mhz
    pcie freq -100
    dram command rate 2N

    everything else at auto...past bios post but windows wont boot

    Anyone any ideas ?
  12. Ok even tho i have a different board, I just finished getting my q9550 to 3.6ghz stable. I would first put the ram unlinked to whatever the manufacturer recommends, if its ddr3 at 1333 then set it to that and leave ram alone. Im saying that so we dont have to worry about ram being a problem for whatever reason. make sure you ram is set to the correct voltage according to manufacturers spec.

    Vdroop is usally .3 lower than what you set voltage at in bios. For example if you set it to 1.300v in bios, from the drop cpuz will read 1.2700 and once cpu is under load that goes down again.

    I would put ram to where its supposed to be at. And if it still does not go to windows I would bump up the cpu voltage a notch.

    (im a noob at this too, so a 2nd opinion wouldnt hurt)
  13. Great to hear that u got it at 3.6Ghz stable ! Congratulations.

    Yeah we are both noobs but nobody else seems to be interested in this topic I dont understand why

    How can u manage to put the ram unlinked and whatever manufacturer recommends? I cant set it to 1333mhz when I change FSB frequency DRAM frequency also changes automatically. How can I stick it at 1333mhz regardless of FSB Frequency ? Is it possible ?
  14. im not sure, I dont know how the bios on your board works. My ram settings are where i change the FSB for the cpu. there should be an option that says linked, unlinked or auto. take it off auto and put it on unlinked. Then an option should open up for where it says ram mhz. just key in what your ram is supposed to run on.
  15. Well i guess i just dont have that linked unlinked option in my bios. There is Fsb Frequency there and Dram Frequency both seperated. When I change Fsb Dram Automatically changes and its options changes. Still I can change Dram Freq manually but when I change fsb I dont see standart of 1333mhz there. Closest are 1199, 1353 and 1444. So just to stay below 1333 i choose ddr3-1199mhz...

    Any help or idea from pros ?
  16. Hi Riverside I too have the Q9400 and the asus P5Q-E our Bios are the same i believe.

    My specs

    Asus P5Q-E
    DDR2 1066MHz
    ATI Radeon 4870
    OCZ 600 watt PSU
    Thermaltake Armor LCS full tower case

    Overclock Settings
    Cpu Ratio 08.0
    FSB Frequency 425
    PCI-e 100
    FSB Strap to northbridge auto
    DRam Frequency 1066MHz

    I have water cooling so i see about 19 celsius idle and 40 celsius under load

    I ran prime95 for 10 hours with no errors
    3.4GHz seems to be the highest core clock for this CPU with out messing with the voltages
    so if any one can give us advice on how to set up our voltages to get a higher core clock i would be grateful
    for i have no clue when it comes to the voltage part of overclocking.
  17. i do have Q9400 + P5Q-E with CORSAIR XMS2 PC6400 CL5 [1GB x 4]

    i reached 3.8 GHz booted into OS , but 3.6 perfectly stable.

    u guys just post the present settings in bios correctly... i'll try to help. Asus P45 boards needs more NB volts for higher FSBs so give.. 1.3 for 450fsb. Vcore - 1.275. mine is ddr2 so i dont know much abt ddr3 volts... i added 0.1 v to stock dram volt
  18. Hi guys just what i wa looking for a am aswell a newbie to oc'ing via bios atleast.
    I have recently just bought a q9400 running @ 2.66ghz with 4 gig DDR2 pc2-6400 dual channel set running @ 800mhz and
    A msi-pn7 sli-fi.
    I have had a crack @ ocing via bios and all i can get at the moment is 2.89ghz with the following:
    FSB @ 1449 MHZ
    RAM @ 855 MHZ
    ram and cpu are unlinked and i manually set timings.
    how comes i cant get higher ??
    any replies welcome . . . . .
  19. daviesboi08 said:
    Hi guys just what i wa looking for a am aswell a newbie to oc'ing via bios atleast.
    I have recently just bought a q9400 running @ 2.66ghz with 4 gig DDR2 pc2-6400 dual channel set running @ 800mhz and
    A msi-pn7 sli-fi.
    I have had a crack @ ocing via bios and all i can get at the moment is 2.89ghz with the following:
    FSB @ 1449 MHZ
    RAM @ 855 MHZ
    ram and cpu are unlinked and i manually set timings.
    how comes i cant get higher ??
    any replies welcome . . . . .

    hi, daviesboi08
    first of all i dont know ur bios and i'm not a pro in OC, but make sure u run FSB: DRAM ratio in 1:1 , and change FSB to 1600 resulting in 3.2 GHz and thatz a decent overclock and set ur to Vcore 1.28V and increase MCH volts by 0.2 volts

    i dont have experience in nvidia based mobos... but we can give a try
    post more details about ur setups...
  20. Thanks peeps will give it a go later dlding something atm . . . . .
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