Trouble with Mobo/Video card decision

Hi, I'm trying to decide which setup i should go for. I play in 1920x1200 resolution and plan on using AA/AF. This PC is going to be for FPS/MMO gaming, and I have thought of a couple options i could go with.

Both Setups will use Q6600 that I plan to OC, with 4gigs of DDR2-800

First Option:

X38 motherboard with a 9800GX2

2nd Option:

780i SLI motherboard with SLI'd 8800GTS 512mb

3rd Option:

X38 motherboard with 1 8800GTX

4th option:

780i SLI motherboard with 1 8800GTX that i could make into SLI eventually

I have heard that the X38 motherboards are better for gaming and overclocking. Thats why i was considering the X38 with the 9800Gx2 so i could get SLI type performance on a good overclocking mobo.

Give me your opinions please.
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  1. Not true. X38 is a better overclocker than 780i. I give you that. But the 780i can do SLI, can X38? No, it does only CrossFire.

    IMO, I'd go with a single-gpu setup. If you go with SLI and can only afford 1 card right away, you're locked into that old card which will be discontinued at a later date. If you go single gpu, you upgrade the gpu when the need arises. You sell the old & the value won't depreciate too much. In short, X38 + HD3870X2. Best bang.
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