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Hi. I posted a thread last week regarding my power cutting out on my PC. I've just bought a new PSU, installed it and everything seems to be running again. Except, of course, with Windows. My XP seems to have reset itself to the point of needing to be reactivated. Only problem is that whenever I attempt to reactivate my copy, I receive an error message telling me that it is "Unable to establish a connection with the activation server". I've searched MS support and it appears that the message is sometimes caused by the System date being wrong. My own BIOS date was in 2004, but, having updated the system time back to the present I'm still receiving the error message when trying to activate. This is beginning to drive me nuts. I can't get past the user selection screen without being forced to activate, so I can't even make it as far as my desktop.

Anyone have any ideas, short of phoning MS or reformatting?

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  1. Hi. Sorry to hear about your trouble. If you PM me I can help you.
  2. just call them and it's an automated message and you just key in your code and the operator tells you the activation code..... at least that is what happens for office....

    I have to do that all the time for virtual servers not connected to the internet.... it only takes 5 minutes less time than reading this post lol
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. I phoned MS and activated it over the phone. Surprisingly easy to do. I was expecting much worse. Thanks again
  4. I installed a fresh licensed copy of XP2 years ago. I Didn't like how I partitioned the drives. Reformatted and it wouldn't activate. I called them took 5 minutes. No biggie, glad they answer that phone.
  5. Pick up that phone! If you get a person, just make sure you tell them its a reinstall. Hopefully you can understand a thick Indian accent.

    A couple years ago I know it was possible to have multiple XP keys running this way off of one original install.
  6. Just ask for Hapoo he will treat you right, LOL
  7. stoner133 said:
    Just ask for Hapoo he will treat you right, LOL

    No they always have a fake name. I got Robert once. He didn't sound like a Robert.
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