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My Sony Vaio PCG-TR2A will not boot on its own or even with a Windows XP CD. When I turn it on it quickly shows the VIAO splash screen and then turns to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the middle of it but slightly towards the upper left. From then I can't do anything. Even when I try to boot from the XP cd nothing changes. I am, however, able to access the BIOS by holding F2, and the Boot order is fine (it is set to boot from optical drive first). Altering boot settings changed nothing in how it behaves. I also tried returning the BIOS settings to default but still, it behaves exactly the same.

I'm totally stuck! It just started doing this the other day for no apparent reason. I haven't made any major software/hardware changes to it.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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  1. Go back to BIOS and look for either one of the two passwords being set.
  2. Machine Password and User password are both [clear]. Password when powered on is [disabled].
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    This is a tough problem. Your CPU is good, or the BIOS screen wouldn't show up. It seems to be a hardware thing as it can't advance to any logical point of failure. You are stuck with inspecting the machine for something broken. I'd pull the removable covers on the bottom and look at the memory and see that it's socketed properly, the hard drive, wireless module, etc. From a user perspective, it is toast until you find what causes it to fail immediately. One more thing is if the BIOS supports "Stop on____error." If it is set to stop an any error, you may never find the problem,. If possible, have it stop on no errors, maybe you'll get a clue.
  4. Wow, after I pulled the hard drive it allowed me to boot from the XP cd. After I put it back in it booted normally to Windows It must have just gotten a loose connection somewhere that was making it hang. Thanks for the help!
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