USB flash drives with write protection switch?

Hello Folks,

I'm looking for usb drives (8 or 16GB) which have a write protection switch. I feel naked without that switch on there - open to viruses and the like. I've found some imation and kanguru usb drives which have it. Anyone know of any others I should consider? Thanks in advance!
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  2. If you're still looking for a USB flash drive with a physical write-protect switch, I very much recommend the PQI U339H or U339 Pro series, as they are slim enough to have two side-by-side in most USB port configurations and are well-built. Whether they have the fastest I/O or not, I doubt it, but of the various brands I've owned (OCZ, Kingston, Ritek, PNY, SanDisk), mine has been among the better-performing ones. Curiously, even the OCZ ATV which was rated for support of ReadyBoost and which I expected the best performance from, was reported by Vista as inadequate for ReadyBoost. That's not a major issue for my needs but reasonable speed is.

    The PQI flash drive in 16GB capacity runs about $35 from NewEgg, as shown here:

    As for USB flash drives with a write-protect switch, I wish more vendors would make them. Where I work, one cannot use a USB flash drive on a PC used for processing of classified data, unless the USB drive has a physical write-protect function, not merely a software controlled option or encryption software. When searching for a higher-capacity USB drive with a write-protect switch I found the Ritek Twister in a 16GB capacity and bought it. PQI did not yet have the U339H in that sized at the time, and I liked that the Twister had a pivoting cap feature. But, in comparison to the PQI drive, the Twister performed horribly and I seldom use it for anything now. I've read that it may have issues with being formatted for NTFS, but I need that in order to support files > 4GB size. I'd like to see a PQI U339H in a 64GB capacity at a reasonable price...I'd probably buy it without question.


  3. I have yet to do significant speed tests because that frankly doesn't matter much to me. Most SD, micro SD and other flash media intended for cameras have the "write protect" switch on them, unlike "USB drives". I am using USB adapters with micro SD cards in them with the switch in protected mode. I am in an environment with more-or-less rampant viruses transmitted by student USB drives on university public computers. So far, so good, for my use.
  4. Quote:
    ... I am using USB adapters with micro SD cards in them with the switch in protected mode. ... So far, so good, for my use.

    One should add to this that the write-protection switch for SD cards has to be supported by the USB device! (This switch does exactly the same as the switch on the old 3,5'' floppy disks did -- that is, nothing.)
    For example, I have an USB SDcard reader, that doesn't care what this switch is set to, I can always write to the card!
    So if you're going to use this method, make sure the USB device actually supports the write-protection switch of the SDcard.

    - Martin
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