Overclocked computer freezes ( not unstable )


I'm running folowing configuration computer for atleast last 6 months without any issues with stability, crashing, any thing at all, I plaid crysis and all those best games without any crash or somthing as that.
But now when its december and out side is a bit colder, when i open up my window pc crashes after 5 minutes.

Here is my configuration:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 2.1ghz ( 3.2ghz OC ) - Normal temps: Iddle 40°C / Fully loaded 72°C
MOBO: Gigabyte EP35-DS4 ( 400mhz FSB ) - Normal temps: iddle 45°C / Fully loaded 56°C
Graphic: Asus EN8800GT (not oced, some times my driver crashes in windows without reason,any ideas ? :D) - Normal temps: iddle 48°C / fully loaded 65°C

Hdd1: Maxtor 320gb SATA II - Normal temps: Iddle 42°C
Hdd2: Seagate 120gb IDE - Normal temps: Iddle 37°C

PowerSupply i have some LG 550W

also here is screen shot made by phone after my pc freezed ( readins of temps ) : www.n1servers.com/freezetemps.jpg

becouse of my job, i'm thinking to upgrade my cpu on Q6600 also with Zalman CNPS9700 Cooler. Do you think i could get this config on 3.6ghz with stable and nice temps ? so cpu would last atleast for 1 more year lol.

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Jacky
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  1. i would say get driversweeper, uninstall the drivers and get the new 180x48 ones :D you would be surprised at how effective some of hte standard fixes are...
  2. Actualy i do have totaly newest drivers, had even latest beta ones. Got same issues tbh :/.

    I still dont know why my pc freezes at cold air :(
    Also if you checked the picture of my temps when it crashes those arevery low, meybe unstable fsb ? becouse if i dont have oced pc it runs normal at even lower temps.

    Weird huh,
  3. Do you run vista? How much ram do you have? What kind of ram? What are our settings for ram?

    I suspect you don't have your ram on a 1:1 ratio and your overclocking the ram, and the more you overclock the ram the more unstable it becomes. The processor itself may be stable at that 400 fsb, but you might have slower ram such as 667 ram overclocked to 800 which wouldn't work as the ram might not be stable at that speed

    There are a lot of unknown variables... I for one immediately thought hard drive... but then again... I always do now whenever I see system freezes... My stupid ssd drive sucks :(
  4. Hello,

    I have stock rams at 800mhz, i'm using 1:2 synic.
    I have 2x 2gb Mushkin Performance 800mhz rams.
    Im also running latest Vista Ultimate 32 bit. It detects 4gb of ram and uses 3.5gb.

    Also ram are totaly stock. Also my pc doesnt freeze untill i dont open my window in room. I guess its somthing with temps, also possible rams go very low temp and crash. I have a fan on chasis witch is making "wind" to rams directly, i had in mind to oc the rams also before but then crysis and some games crashed so had no other chooice. But i havent removed the fan.
  5. How cold is it outside and how close to the window is your PC? Are you sure that it isn't a condensation issue?
  6. I'm not sure of anything. I just know for sure that it has some thing to do with cold. Becouse my pc is working totaly fine when i got closed window.
    PC is like 5m away from the window. But my entire room goes under 15°C when i open window.

    THat explains temp on the screen shot i've wrote on bottom of my first post.
  7. have you ran prime95 recently to see if it is in fact still stable?
  8. hehe, i didnt, I use Everest stabilty test for stability tests. but as i wrote in first post also i use this config for 6 months and i had no stabilty problems so far, also plaid most demanding games like "Race driver Grid", "Crysis warhead / Wars", "Call of duty 4", "Need for Speed Undercover" and so on, also i was converting a lots of movies.

    And untill i dont open window every thing is totaly stable. But some few weeks ago my Graphic driver started crashing without reason, later i upgraded it and still having same problems after 5 removals and reinstalls. Also reinstalled my pc becouse of that.
  9. Theres no delicate way to say this so im just going to come out with it. There is no way that opening your window is causing your PC to crash.

    If that is the cause, there is a very simple fix. Stop opening your window...
  10. hehe its not actualy crashing it freezes.
    It doesnt automaticly restart. Also hdd led freezes.
    Every thing freezes. even numpad if i press it doesnt stop working, also bluetooth adapter i have doesnt light up when i move mouse.
    nothing responses.

    and its happening only when i open window.
    Very weird problem tbh :P

    Anyway what about Q6600 Upgrade and the cooler, do you think i can hit 3.6ghz with decident temps ?
  11. even if it has been stable in the past parts start to get old and die. Download and run prime95 and memtest86+, even though it was stable in the past. I would venture to guess that one of those programs will give you an error with your current set up.
  12. ok thanks i will try it out.
  13. Malware, Adware, virus? Use beta drivers at own risk.
  14. no viruses for sure lol, totaly clean newly installed pc few days ago also tried before installing newer beta drivers older one, when i cleanly installed.
  15. You know, I had the same problem.

    Turned out to be ghosts of deceased Mac fanboys hanging out outside my room. When I opened my windows they'd come inside my pc to muck things up for the lulz... "Mac for life... and after" they muttered.

    That's loyalty for ya.
  16. evilshuriken said:
    You know, I had the same problem.

    Turned out to be ghosts of deceased Mac fanboys hanging out outside my room. When I opened my windows they'd come inside my pc to muck things up for the lulz... "Mac for life... and after" they muttered.

    That's loyalty for ya.

    Hahahahaha :lol: :lol:
  17. In all seriousness, DO check the ram with Memtest. In fact faulty semiconductors can act up with a change in temperature EITHER to being warmer or cooler.
  18. ...and run driversweeper before installing a new driver ><
  19. Hello,

    Now i'm not sure what coused my pc restart overnight, but while i was up and doing benchs my cpu got on 72°C and then i opened window ( no changes on computer, still running test) temperature felt down to 55°C lol.

    also it was fully stable. But some prog or update restarted it overnight.
    Anyway i streesed rams, cpu, fsb.
  20. how long did you stress it for? Did it restart overnight while it was being stressed?

    @venom: He did a fresh install of windows already so no other drivers to remove
  21. yes it restarted while it was streesing but when i woke up it was message of windows was successfuly updated. Means computer restarted about 4am and i put it on streesing at 11pm.
  22. Im sorry to say it but that doesn't mean that it is necessarily stable. There could have still been an error in that time, causing one of the workers to fail or causing the system to restart before the windows automatic update restart occurred. It might be stable but it might not. I would run prime95 again.
  23. kk will do tonight.
  24. :O it crashed. Do you might know how is this possible after 6 months of 100% stability ( my pc never crashed or anything like that ) now my pc started beeing unstable.
    i'm sure it was stable becouse 1 month ago i've done 48 hours CPU and RAM strees. and it wasnt crashing just high temps (72-74°C max )

    Very weird :O
  25. parts get old, unfortunately there is no helping that.

    At this point you could try increasing vcore, north/south bridge etc and see if you can get it stable (although if your temps are already hitting 74c then probably wouldn't do to increase the vcore any more) or back off the overclock a bit.
  26. yep, i had my ram at 1T timings for about two weeks fine, then it failed blending... put it back to 2T and instant fix so..
  27. ^well if he failed the small ffts test on prime then chances are that it isn't the ram that is the problem. Small ffts doesn't put very much stress on the ram (at least according to prime95).

    @jacky444 was it memtest or prime95 that failed?
  28. no, i was just saying some things work for a time then just...stop. :P
  29. lol yea thats true.... alas. And if they dont stop then they are dated in a year anyways :P You just cant win
  30. well i didnt do test with memtest becouse my rams are totaly new, bought last week and also they're not oced.

    Well i'm gona buy Q6600 I just hope its not some Motherboard problem or something as that :P.
    I will also get some better cooler for cpu.

    I though same with hardware, oced parts dont last so long as stock :P
    Any ideas about those new cpus I7 ? I was thinking to buy one as I7 920 costs only 330€, also its best for ocing ( seen reviews they got it on 4.8ghz lol with air cooling ) but i gota found some mobo witch works on socket LGA1366 lol.
  31. just because your rams arent new doesnt mean they dont have some small fault... i think the most common failure for new rigs is either incompatible or DOA RAM...

    also, i7 is just way too expensive now. if you want best gaming performance, get a nice core 2 duo and save the money you would have spent on i7 for some kick ass graphics...
  32. lol xD :) I bought two HD4870x2 last week still havent put into my pc lol :) i just dont need much gaming performance as i'm 3d modeling and making vids :p...
    Also I7 is cheap lol, 330 euros with stock speed for same good cpu as QX9770 is lol ?
    QX9770 costs fking 1200euros here...

    I dont thing rams are problem becouse when i use stock speed every thing is fine.
  33. ^always better to run memtest just to be sure. Better safe then sorry

    As for the i7 it isn't the processor that really makes them so expensive (the entry level processor is 300, so still costs some money but comparable to the q9550 in terms of price), it is the motherboard and the ddr3 ram that make a Nehalem build so pricey.
  34. Hello, again.

    I got new CPU cooler (Zalman CNPS9700 NT).
    I've done 24hrs test, pc wasnt crashing or anything like that.

    Max: 57°C
    Avearge: 53°C
    Minimum: 33°C

    Could some one help me ocing my new Q9400 :love: ? I just got it few mins ago :P
    I wana oc it on 3.2ghz - 3.6ghz with some decident temps like my old cpu as wroten on first topic.
    Also i know 45nm technology is diffrent in ocing then the 65nm that i got right now so i'd rly need help :) i dont wana fk up my new cpu.

    Thanks in advance,
  35. lol, i got my Q9400 100% stable on 3.56 GHZ with totaly max temps at 62°C

    I love this cpu :P
  36. ow ****, afre 24/h test i got max temps 69°C, thats too high right ?
  37. small ffts test? If so then that temp is still a bit hot but in the safe zone (at least imho)

    Any real world program won't get anywhere near the temps of prime95 small ffts
  38. yea i used prime95
  39. then you should be fine :) cheers
  40. ow alright. thanks :P !
  41. I just wana know 1 thing,
    I just downloaded "RealTemp 2.70 " Program and it shows my temps almost 20°C lower then other programs i have ?

    I have folowing other progs witch show 20°C higher

    Anyone has any ideas !??
  42. Let me demosnstrate with a screen shot witch you can find here:
  43. Damn i still have those Graphic Driver crashes :(
  44. don't trust either of the others. Calibrate Realtemp to the correct TJMax for your CPU for accurate(ish) temps.
  45. How do i do that ?
    If i understood your post I shouldnt trust any of those progs and setup realtemp's TJMAx for my cpu ? or what exacly ?
    or you mean that function that RealTemp has "Test sensors"
    I've pressed that already on that screen shot.
  46. AAHH sory, i understand now,

    I've changed TJmax on 100 as it is for Q9400.
    Anyway found out Everst and other temp progs use 105TJmax thats the problem.

    Thanks for all the help !
    Cya folks !
  47. yep, no problem. I believe coretemp automatically sets the correct TJ... i prefer it :)
  48. coretemp gave me 105 TJ

  49. :lol: ...or not
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