Roughly how long does Gigabyte RMA take?


I RMA'd my GA-965P-DS3 Motherboard 2 days ago, Gigabyte was not really clear on what is going to happen next though, should I expect a reply from them soon or will it take a few weeks? Or should I ask them what is going on tomorrow? I've been Googling and it seems RMA can turn into a nightmare of waiting for months, I'm pretty desperate to have it fixed or replaced as it is the base of the machine I have all my work on, I'm currently using my old laptop to get by.

PS: Is it possible to request that they detail any problems they found with the Motherboard and then email me a report? I'd like to know what happened to it since it just magically stopped working last week.
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  1. Your better off buying a new board. You better call them daily to track the progress since its the only way to get any info. Be repaired to listen to excuses. I can go on listing all the reasons but not worth it. They just have the worst customer service process in the world but their people are nice but maybe just overwhelmed.
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