Windows Vista Audigy 2 treble problem

Okay, so I just built a new machine a couple weeks ago, and decided to upgrade to Windows Vista 64-bit, and I've had some issues with an audio driver.

Main problem I'm having has to do with my Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Gamer edition sound card. It's not a huge problem- just something that bugs me every time I start windows.. Every time I boot up into Windows, one of my sound card "tone" settings gets reset to default. It's the treble setting under the "speakers" properties tab.

It's really weird because my sound card works just fine, it's just that every time Vista boots up, the treble setting gets put back to default, but the weirdest part is-- THE SLIDER ON THE TREBLE BAR NEVER MOVES BACK TO THE DEFAULT CENTER POSITION WHEN WINDOWS BOOTS UP!

Yeah, it's weird- the slider shows that the treble setting is maxed out (where i want it), but I can't get the setting to actually take hold UNLESS i click and move the slider back a bit, then right back to it's maximum setting. Then 'ahhhhhhh..' my sound is back to its crisp, clear setting WHERE I WANT IT TO STAY!

But yeah, each time I restart my computer and Vista boots up, I have to go down to the volume control icon, right click, go to playback settings, click speakers, click properties, go to 'tone' tab, and slide the treble bar back a little bit, then forward to 100% setting in order to get the sound I want coming out of my speakers. Pretty weird huh?

SOOOOO, if anyone has any ideas- spit em. And YES, I HAVE tried reinstalling the sound card with the original CD drivers, as well as the latest drivers from the Creative website many times in hope that the problem would magically disappear, but nothing has changed. This sound card was in my old system before this, where I used Windows XP Pro and had zero problems with it whatsoever, leading me to believe it's just another Vista driver problem, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone had any insight on it.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. Looking at Creative's website:

    I do not see your card listed as being supported any more. To my understanding, the SoundBlaster Audigy SE is the only non-X-fi product supported by Creative any more. The rest of the line were end of life'd.
  2. Screw it-- Just bought a brand new X-Fi card from NewEgg. I'm too lazy to mess with driver problems. Lol.
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