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I recently bought a Transcend Storejet 25 250 GB 2.5" portable hard drive. Everything seemed to work fine out of the box except that the data transfer using their proprietary software interface was incredibly slow--several hours to transfer just 15 GB of data. Even a later synchronization was very slow. The drive is supposed to be USB 2.0 and I checked my drivers and BIOS to see if USB 2.0 was enabled and it was. Any thoughts on this issue? I'm planning to return the drive as the TranscendUSA web site has been down for most of the last week and there is no tech support number. Any recommendations on a replacement? I want to use the drive for backups--I'm looking at Oyen Digital's Firewire drive or maybe a Seagate portable.
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  1. sounds like you are have usb 1.1 ..

    maybe try a different usb port on back of computer?
  2. According to the motherboard manufacturer, all USB ports on my MB are USB 2.0.
  3. This is an old post but I like to answer I have that problem too. My Transcend Storejet 25 when I plug it on my gigabyte X48 mobo which supports USB 2.0 on Windows Vista 64bit transfers good at 25 or 50Mb/sec. But when I tried plugging it on Windows 7 the transfer rate falls to 5Mb/sec. I have refers this incident to their technical well. . . they told me theirs nothing wrong with the drive.
  4. I had an issue with my portable drive for about 1.5 years. From the start, it was fine. When my old motherboard decided to die on me, I had begun to use it on an windows XP machine with service pack 3 (according to many other forum sites, a common problem with them was XP SP3). Obviously, I am on a decent PC again now with windows 7.

    Copying data *to* the portable drive was fine, but watching a movie, or copying *from* the portable drive to a local hard drive would stop and start. Sometimes a 1gb transfer would take 30 moments - or more. I know that is irrelevant. I tried literally everything I could think of, and things I couldn't think of from forum sites I read.

    Recently, my old internal drive had failed so I was forced to buy a new one. As soon as I had done that, the portable drive worked like new once again. It's an expensive option to try but it did work for me. Try the portable drive on other systems, if it likes it consider this option.
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