9800gtx max o/c

Hey guys i just got an 9800gtx and i was wondering whats the max overclock on these cards? i have GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy II Liquid Cooling.

One more thing will my amd x2 5200 2.6gz L2 2mb
limit my 9800gtx graphic card?
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  1. Did you oc the 5200?
  2. Most definitely. I mean We're getting alot of CPU orientated games, HL2, Crysis, etc.

    I had a Athlon 5000+ Edition OCed to 3.4 and it ran well (ofc at the time well meant 30-40 Frames). After that I changed to a Q6600 Quad core CPU and OCed it to 3.24 and I got alot higher frames.

    I was up in the 50 and the game itself, even though the frames were the same number in some case, felt alot smoother.

    I also noticed a difference when my gf played sims 2, when she moved around in the neighborhood, it was alot smoother.

    So yes it would limit it, but not by an HUGE amount
  3. really well hopefully not to much of a bottleneck if i overclock my cpu to like 2.9gz or 3.0ghz would it help much?
  4. it should help a little :) I mean technically yes anything would help. But you should benchmark it, if its just a 1-4 frame increase it aint worth stressing your CPU for. IF it gains you like a 5+ frame increase depending on the game (crysis) it will benefit you!
  5. ya i see what ur saying. alrite one more thing in ur opinion would u get an amd x2 6400 and a 8800gts g92 or a amd x2 5200 and a 9800gtx?
    which pair would u go with? (price is not a factor.)
  6. hmmm thats a real tough 1. I mean with the 9800 GTX you'll get a slight increase in performance over the 8800 GTS G92, While with the 8800 GTS and a AThlon CPU would do you better. In the Long run I think it would be better to have the 9800 GTX because of Tri SLI.

    I mean the CPU you can replace any time, while the video card is a bit more slow coming you know???

    So if I were you I'd got witht he Vid and then wait and get the CPU. Although I'd suggest a phenom! Remember the ones with the 50 in their name, those are the Revisions!
  7. But isnt todays games heavily dependent on gpu power rather then cpu? thats what i have been hearing.
    okay long story my computer was acting up so i opened it after that my monitor did not get any pic so i thought my gfx card went bad so i returned it and got an 9800gtx for the same price, and the problem continued so i figured it was the cpu so i sent it to amd they said it was a physical damage (pin broke by accident) so they said not there problem the tech working with me talked to his manager and they said they will give me an amd x2 5200 for a replacement so i agreed the end. so now im stuck with a amd x2 5200 and a 9800gtx lol sorry for mistakes wrote this really quick.
  8. yeah they are GPU related. I mean don't get me wrong, but the physics are done by the CPu and the AI as well, So it really a mix. To get the best performance you need a shine from both. THe 5200 will hold you back, but not to an extreme, atleast not from todays games. I think as long as you have decent ram and you get the 9800 GTX your good to go.

    And like I said TRI-sli available for the 9800 GTX while it isn't for the 8800 GTS
  9. i already got everything except amd x2 5200 coming tom. =]
    this is my rig spec.
    Amd x2 5200
    Msi k9a platinum
    4gig of OCZ
    Nvidia 9800gtx
    Lite-On Blue-ray
    500gb x1
    80gb x1
    Window vista Ultimate 32-bit
    GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy II Liquid Cooling
    22" lcd acer monitor
    Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System

    Thanks for all ur help!
  10. np Good specs:) you should be fine this year:)
  11. ^^ *jealous*
  12. hey liquid check this out http://www.techspot.com/article/73-crysis-performance/page7.html
    doesnt seem like my cpu would bottleneck much.
  13. so ur in the clear:)
  14. Hey post some benchies sometime. I'm going to have a very similar setup except I have an AMD 6400 and only 2 gigs of RAM on XP 32bit.
  15. yup and thanks again for ur help.

    Scooterlibby ya ill try to put some benchmark up once i get my system running.
  16. definitely interested myself as well:)
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