Windows xp print spooler stops when adding printer

My Samsung scx4826fn printer disappeared from the printers folder mysteriously. I tried to add it again but the print spooler stops every time I click on "add printer". I can start the print spooler services and it stays started until I click "add printer". It is set to automatic and the RPC dependency is running fine. I tried everything I could find on the Internet with no success. I ran the Microsoft fix-it tool...didn't work. I tried to remove the registry entries for printer version-2 and version-3 but there are not such subkeys in the registry. I do not have a program called PC-Duo either on this machine.

I am running Windows XP Professional service pack 3 and all updates have been performed. It does have Norton 360 installed but the printer ran fine with this. No new software packages were installed. The only things that get updated automatically are the windows update and the Norton 360 updates. It is an OEM license and therefore I do not have an installable copy of Windows XP Professional.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. First, the simple one... have you tried restarting your computer?

    If you have restarted, try the following:

    download Ccleaner and run the registry tool. Run it until it finds NO errors (may take 2-3 times).

    if that doesnt work, we will go on to the next step.
  2. @lazyperson17
    I spent two days googling and trying to resolve the issue without success. I checked with a couple of computer repair shops and they asked minimum $49/hour and they wouldn't tell me how long they would take to fix the issue. Then, I saw your post and hesitatingly downloaded cclenaer (ARO 2011) and paid $29 for the software and it worked! I was able to remove the traces of the previous printers and drivers and reinstall them.

    I am not sure this is the solution for everyone but it solved my problem.
  3. I realized I downloaded ARO 2011 instead of ccleaner. Was ccleaner a free software by chance?
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