bios update on p5k noe system wont boot

ok i have a system needed in fixing,
cpu: q9300
MB: p5k (standard)
Ram: 4Gb corsair XMS
GPU: 8800GT
PSU coolermaster 620w

anywho, we updated the bios so that it supports his q9300 which it natively didnt, this update was into a beta bios which didnt give any OC'ing scope. so as soon as a final bios came up we decided to upgrade ASAP.

so anyway when he was upgrading using the flashing utility, the program tossed up an error and promted restart, on restart his system would start up, HDD was spinning but no screen whats so ever

any help.

BTW: the new bios is 1005

i fear that a new bios chip is in order, either that or the issue of RMA'ing it.

any help much aprriecated.
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  1. Try to reset the Cmos?
  2. yup tried Cmos reset, no luck, the bios has been altered.

    cant reflash as we cant get into the bios to change boot order.


    thanks for reply
  3. either have to get a new chip or send the board back in. either way you'll have to talk to tech support
  4. Hmmm... whats weird is it should have started the BIOS backup to the old BIOS...... Try Asus tech support and see what they say.
  5. I thought one of the things with the pk5 was bios recovery Via the disk that came with the board, perhaps not.
  6. As sportsfanboy suggested, put the motherboard dvd into the drive, and try to boot.
    Asus has an alt-bios that is supposed to checkyour drives, if the bios fails.
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