9600GT in an Antec Solo case?


complete newbie here so apologies for mistakes! I'm just about to build my first PC based on a series of parts I've accumulated over the past few months, namely:

E6600 Core 2 Duo
Corsair 520W HX modular PSU
Antec Solo case
Pair of Seagates (250Gb)...possibly not sure yet
4Gb memory

My query is: will an Nvida 9600GT fit in the Antec Solo case?

I believe the 9600GT is about 23cm in length, my motherboard is about 24.4cm so it should fit the case but I'm concerned about room behind the board for cabling etc. Has anybody fitted a 9600GT in the Antec Solo yet?

My other train of thought is to buy a used 7900 or 7950 card as it will probably do the job for now...is it worth it?

If anybody can offer some advice I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks


P.S. If I did go for a used card, would you go for an 8600, 7950 or a 7900?
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  1. I fit a BFG 9600GT in my solo case and it fit fine. It only partially blocks one of my SATA ports on my ASUS P5K-E motherboard. I connected the sata cable first then put in the 9600.
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