Overclocking Q6600 freezes

Antec 900 gamer case
Corsair 750W PSU
Corsair 4GB Ram PC6400 (2x2gb sticks)
Core 2 quad Q6600
Asaki Cooler (pcworld £20)
ASUS P5N-T deluxe mobo with latest bios
ATI Radeon 4870 512MB

Have tried overclocking for the first time, had quite success, had it stable at 3.00ghz easy
My goal is 3.6GHZ, i have it running and it doesn't crash on prime95,
this is with 450*8 multi, overvolted abit to about 1.4V i think on FSB and Vcore (im at work so dont know 100%)

But i was watching a film (on 32 inch samsung tv) and it crashed, also crashes on games, just totally locks up and freezes. this is at 3.6ghz.

Would you say i need more voltage? my memory is unlinked, running at 850 i think?

Also, sometimes when overclocking, i reboot pc and nothing comes up on display unless i reset the pc and then overclock is gone back to default 2.4

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  1. Classic bad overclock symptoms. How hot is the CPU getting?
    Make sure you not overclocking the PCIe buss, keep it at spec.
    If your memory is running at 850, that could be part of your problem it is over spec.
    You could try upping the memory voltage a little.
    I would start by keeping your memory divider set so that it is running at 800.
    Possible you are simply pushing your particular CPU past it's limit, they don't all overclock exactly the same.
    Not booting and a reset needed simply means you have a bad overclock, something does not like the settings you are using.
  2. CPU about 60 - 65C under load, about 35 - 40 idle temp
    PCIe bus not overclocked,
    Ok thanks i will try upping the memory voltage abit, and keep it at 800mhz
    and yeah thats true, i would be happy with 3.4 i just want to push it further :P

    thanks alot, Dan
  3. If it doesn't crash while running prime95, have you considered running it all the time, logically that would keep your system stable.
  4. I only ran prime 95 for like an hour
    It crashes on games quite fast and half way through my film it did

  5. Your mem is running 850MHz? Can you run lower speeds? Did you reduce the timings or up the DDR voltage? You could try running memtest 86+ (boot CD) for checking the RAM.

    Is the system completely stable at 3.4GHz? What cooling are you using? 60-65 in prime95 testing at 1.4V and 3.6GHz is impressive cooling, although I like to keep my Q6600 under 60 degrees if possible.
  6. i havnt changed memory voltage or timings, just the mem speed to 850 instead of 800.
    I think i had it totally stable at 3.4, i have antec 900 with top 120mm exhaust fan, 2 80mm fans at front, 80mm fan at back, 80mm fan on side, and an asaki £20 cooler from pcworld for my CPU with 3 copper heat pipes,
    What should i run my memory at?

  7. Prime 95 doesn't push your machine hard enough if you only run it for an hour.
    Try OCCT
  8. Why not 400x9? That way your not overclocking your ram.
  9. I will try 400*9 tonight, what voltage would be good to start at?
  10. I always overclock in baby steps, it takes a lot longer but it is the best way in my opinion. I up the fsb a notch or two, look at the ram divider, then boot into windows or what ever. I also do a quick series of prime tests (small fft and blend test) to give myself an idea as to where i need to be with voltages and other settings.

    Another good way to over clock is to drop the multiplier a notch or two, then find you target fsb. After, with the decreased multiplier, run test to make sure the system memory and the system in general is stable. Then you can move the multiplier back up and tweak the cpu voltage as needed. I actually prefer this method over the first...
  11. So if i want 3.6ghz,
    i can drop the multipler to 8 or 7, make my FSB 400,
    run some tests, then up the multiplier to 9,
    and keep upping the voltage until stable?
  12. Yeah that's the way you make sure your motherboard and ram is stable at a given FSB setting. That way your not overclocking the whole system at once. Also you can setup your ram with out thinking an unstable cpu might be the problem. So yeah... Just keep the temps at full load(prime95x4 threads) at or below 70c, and keep the voltage under 1.5 volts. I would keep it under 1.45 volts personaly, but to each his own.
  13. Almost forgot to tell you that aty 400+ fsb some other setting may need to be ajusted, so you may have to do some additional tweaking.

    Example: fsb termination, pll voltage (keep this at or under1.6, preferably under), nb/sb voltage and different reference values. Just a few things you may have to screw around with. Also set the pcie to 100
  14. OK what would you say max voltages would be for fsb termination, nb/sb and other voltages?

    dont want to fry my cpu already
    I have good air cooling in my antec 900 with an added fan on the side as well
  15. As others said try NB voltage or FSB term voltage. Also I am not a fan of running memory unlinked. Alot of people have problems getting unlinked RAM stable. Leave PLL voltage as it is, at 1.5v (stock).
    Max for NB would be around 1.5-1.6v I think, not sure for your motherboard. You would have to look it up on google.
    Max for FSB for me is 1.4v, some people go over that but it does not affect stability that much from personal experience. With 450 FSB I have a FSB term volt of 1.3v.
    Another thing you can look at is your error log of windows. I used to have random crashes too even though my computer was 100% stable before. I apparantly had a WMI error with windows vista x64, it was causing random freezes and it required me to hard reboot.
  16. nvidia chipsets suck

    you never hit 3.6ghz since the mobo can handle it !!!!!

    settle for 3.2-3.4ghz same as the orginal qx6700 hit with the 680i - nothing has changed with quad and oc

    set your lt mutipler from 5x to 4x

    then you can try to fine tune the settings but it is a pain!
  17. its not the temp it is the mobo is most cases

    some people get high oc with nvidia get lucky with a good mobo - they are very inconsistent. very low ratings and high return rates

    tear it out and put in intel mobo in it!

    why would you run ati part in nvidia chipset? they suck!
  18. I will bare that in mind when I build my next PC i will get intel mobo.
    I think i will stick with 3.4ghz, plent fast enough for what i need it for
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