Uninstalling xp, and resetinf laptop to factory setting, were it had vista

I just bought a laptop off craigslist, a dell inspiron 1501 model, and the last owner had installed xp on it, when i got it home it started saying, that i have a counterfet copy of xp, so i am whating to remove the xp, and reset the laptop to facotry setting , where it has vista???? but i don;t under stand how to do that. please help me, please email me with help,, please help me the laptop was for my daugther. thanks and hope to hear from you soo
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  1. You should not post your email on public forums, that is asking to recieve spam.

    If the person you bought the laptop off did not give you any restore CDs, you can see if there is a "restore to factory settings" option when you start up the computer, would come up as a "Hit F2 to restore" or something like that. You may be able to purchase the restore disks from Dell also. I'm thinking that whoever had this laptop and installed XP on it also deleted any restore partitions that may have been on there.

    Alternatevly you could just buy a copy of XP to install, you may be able to use the legal copy's key code on the installation you already have, although I would recommend a fresh installation as this laptop may have other problems, spyware, viruses, etc...
  2. thank you i will try what you said, also thansk for the tip about the email , i edited the post and removed the part with my email, so thanks i never thought of that i really hope this works
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