overclocking temps indication...new case fan?

I run prime95 on my oc'ed e8400 (3.6ghz) and it gets to about 56c and then it bumps up on and down one and keeps doing it until reaches about 66c, which is a little high. Does the temp bumping mean I need new case fans to get better airflow (I admit I have an old case but it has 3 fans plus psu)

and also idk what my case is it's a long story don't ask
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  1. I've read that most people are between 50-55c under load with pretty high overclocks with a aftermarket cpu fan/sink.

    I always cut out the stupid factory hole grill that is on the cases. It restricts the airflow bigtime! After I use round wire grills over the fans so I don't accidently poke the fan.

    Rule of thumb is to have more air going out then in, to create a vaccume.
  2. ^+1. hope no silly goose comes along and tries to persuade us that positive airflow is... "positive" lol...
  3. Where would I get a wire grill that would just pop into my case and it would it be more expensive than a case fan?
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